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Christine Lee

Nov 14, 2021


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The hospitality industry is one of the oldest and largest in the world. There are over 100,500 businesses within the hotel industry, and over 170 million people are employed in the hospitality industry alone.

If your business or job is within this market, you should also try LinkedIn for hospitality, whether you need more visibility, marketing, or advancement within your career.

Benefits of LinkedIn for Hospitality

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Hospitality businesses thrive on social media, but LinkedIn offers incredible tools for professional networking, information, and marketing ideas. Several tools within the platform can help businesses or job seekers.

For example, LinkedIn has several hospitality groups where you can learn about new trends, marketing tips, services, and other ideas to exchange information and connect with professional peers across the globe.

Here is a look at some of the ways you can use LinkedIn personally or for your business within hospitality.

Join Groups to Expand Your Knowledge

The great thing about LinkedIn is that you can connect with many other professionals worldwide who work for hotels, resorts, restaurants, and tourism-related businesses.

Some of the best groups to join include:

  • Boutique Hotel News
  • Global Hotel Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Hcareers Hospitality Industry Professionals Group
  • Hospitality Superstars
  • Hospitality Trends
  • Hotel and Resort Investor
  • Hotel General Managers
  • Hotel Group Network
  • Hotel Industry Professionals Worldwide
  • Hotel Technologies and Software
  • Hospitality World

These groups can help you connect to professionals, influencers, and even employers or mentors who provide expert advice and tips. It’s also a way to get your name and business out there.

Marketing Channel for Hotels

If you’re in charge of marketing within your hospitality role, then LinkedIn should be on your radar. However, this audience is best for reaching B2B audiences and connecting to trendsetters within your industry.

You can set up your profile and start marketing your business right away on LinkedIn as well. It’s ideal for those who want to connect to other professionals, find employees, or post industry and company news to an intrigued audience.

By joining communities and groups on LinkedIn, you’ll also share knowledge and be known as an industry mover or influencer once you build a following. It’s a great way to give your company more visibility.

Advertising on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn ads have a positive ROI for reaching specific industries and professionals with specific job titles. You can advertise your content or services to specific audiences who will be the most likely to engage using LinkedIn’s platform. There are various targeting factors, conversion tracking, and ad formats to choose from.

LinkedIn can be truly successful for growing your company and finding the right employees for hospitality audiences. Whether you want to advertise services with B2B strategies or find the top talent, LinkedIn is very beneficial.

Build Content on LinkedIn

One of the best ways to get your company’s name circling the right communities and gain word-of-mouth within social media is to post content on LinkedIn. Your company can start its blog or post your content to an individual profile.

There are also groups and communities that you can join, where you can link the best hotel blogs or post original content of your own, including links to your website. While you always want to provide educational content that isn’t too salesy, there are some ways to use LinkedIn to promote services within these forums.

The best part is that you’re likely to get more engagement by posting content directly on LinkedIn in hospitality communities or using hashtags to bring more LinkedIn users to your page.

How to Write Your LinkedIn Profile or Company Page for Hospitality

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The most crucial factor for success on LinkedIn is how you present yourself or your company to LinkedIn users. You want to set up your LinkedIn profile or company page so that it's easy to find and shows your expertise.

Here are some quick tips:

  • For individual profiles, use a professional headshot as your profile picture
  • Company pages should use a logo and pick a branded company header to display on their page
  • Add all of your contact information, especially if you want your business to receive follow-ups from contacts on LinkedIn.
  • Post quality content every day about your industry and company
  • Connect with others in your industry and post about hosting events to bring in more engagement
  • For companies, ask all of your employees to join your page on LinkedIn
  • Get reviews and recommendations to build trust in your company or individual profile
  • When writing your profile or description, make sure that you use keywords and language that resonates with your audience
  • Add more photos and content to your profile throughout the year to keep it updated, removing old content when it's outdated

LinkedIn for hospitality industry professionals and companies offers crucial ways to connect with others who simply want to learn more and become better within their roles. You can network online every day just by posting the right content.

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