5 Hospitality Blogs Every Hotelier Should Be Reading


Golda Criddle

Aug 12, 2019


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Updated August 12, 2019, to reflect Company acquisitions and new Industry resources.

As a hotelier, you probably feel that you have enough to worry about. You have to keep track of all your staff and keep an entire establishment running 24 hours a day. However, as the travel industry is continuously reinventing itself with new trends and technology, it is imperative to stay informed. Your guests are using electronic devices, social media, mobile applications, and so much more to ensure that they have a great business trip or vacation. To help you, hoteliers, out, I've compiled a list of five hospitality blogs to read to keep up with your guests.


This is a great blog that every hotelier should be reading. The daily newsletter is jam-packed full of information varying from hospitality industry news to marketing and customer service tips specifically designed for hotels. It even details staff movements at relevant hotels all around the world as well as industry events. If you're looking to further your career in hospitality, there are even lists of schools, job opportunities, and useful books to read.


Although this blog's name solely mentions marketing, it is critical that anyone with a stake in the hotel business, not just marketers, read this blog. It aggregates stories from several sources in online travel, marketing, and hotel marketing. Many of the posts answer specific questions you may already have about hospitality and marketing. An example could be "14 reasons no one talks to your business on Facebook" and "How to drive direct hotel bookings."

Tnooz.com (Now PhocusWire)

Tnooz is the place to get updates and commentary on how new technology affects the travel industry. Any sensible hotelier knows that the industry is rapidly changing daily, along with the technology that consumers have embraced in recent years. Tnooz is an excellent tool for keeping up with trends and popular sites such as social media, booking engines such as Expedia and Kayak, TripAdvisor, mobile applications, and much more.‍

E-Marketing Associates Blog

Yeah, I know this is self-promotion, but here at E-Marketing Associates, we read all of the above blogs regularly and often comment on stories relevant to hospitality marketing. We also sometimes feature hotels and social travel sites, all while providing discourse on the latest in social media. But if you're reading this, you already know all that.

Hotel Tech Report

If you are in the hospitality industry and you like to be on the cutting edge of things, Hotel Tech Report should be your first stop. Curiosity is the name of the game here. There are tons of stories from prominent leaders in the industry, such as the CSO of Sabre and the inventor of Marriott's PMS. Be sure to keep a tab open on your browser for these guys.

Honorable Mentions:

USAToday Travel

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