Keeping Your Hotel Guests In The Know


Jacqueline Puga

May 8, 2018


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When it comes to travel, it’s wise to be well informed. Everything from how to claim your plane tickets, whether it be paper or electronically to planning an itinerary and lodging accommodations are all important aspects of any successful trip. How can a hotel help make their guest experience more pleasant by keeping them in the know? The following tips can give you an edge when it comes to spreading valuable and useful information to your guests through your website, email blast, social media strategy, and even hotel hashtags.

There are several ways to convey information to your guests. Blogs, email blasts, social media posts, and even your website are all places any travelers can get information from their hotel. If your guests are curious enough to search for information, they might have more positive feelings about their hotel if they can gain this from them. No matter how big or small, any amount of trust can lead to a positive relationship between the guest and the hotel, which can be translated into monetary value for the property. Let’s explore each of these options as a method of delivering information and which avenues are more suited for which type of information.

Email blasts are great for giving your guest details about their stay, like confirmation of reservation and private information, but you don’t want to overwhelm them. Since emails are usually sent from a “do not reply” address, this one-way street limits the conversation. Keep emails to a minimum, perhaps a newsletter and reservation details, but let your guests seek out the information they need rather than have you guessing which information they would like to see.

The first place your guests will probably look if they are actively seeking information is your website. Going straight to the source ensures the most accurate and up-to-date information. On your website, give visitors enough info to provide them with what they need and a bit more, but don’t overwhelm them. Besides being able to view and book rooms, here you can showcase your amenities, the location, property photos, maps and other useful information for guests. For example, if there is a renovation on-site that might affect a particular part of your hotel, this would be a great place to remind any website visitors. On your website, you can also showcase your blog, which will hold other kinds of information.

Blogs are the place to sell the area around your hotel. You can write blog entries about any travel-related topics, and if something catches a reader’s eyes, they can click on any article to learn more about the issue. This lets your website visitors choose the content they want to see. Topics that might interest guests are travel tips, things to do in the area, features on major attractions, limited-time exhibits, and upcoming events. Any combination of these might be useful, especially if you can provide tips like how to save time, money, or any exclusive perks like where to park, where to eat or how to access bundled deals.

Furthermore, social media is another excellent method for informing your audience. Here, you can add more information that might appeal to a smaller yet more targeted audience. For example, you can promote music venues in your area. Although these shows are appealing to some, other travelers might be in town on business and thus would not be interested in attending events like these due to their tight schedule. Social media is a playground, and based on engagement, you can curate your feed to appeal to a large part of your following. The information you’ll be sharing on social media is more playful and won’t immediately alter travel plans. It can be used as a method to amplify the area, the highlights of your hotel show off your hotel through user-generated content benefits and send out information that is useful but won’t alter travel plans immediately.

Use these channels to keep your audience informed and gain trust with your hotel guests by enhancing their travel experience by keeping them in the know.

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