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September 17, 2021
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In the current marketplace where many businesses are vying for the user’s attention online, there is a stronger emphasis on the importance of a social media strategy. Aside from having a compelling blog post and an eye-catching website, businesses should strive to increase brand awareness on their social media channels.

Since learning to build your brand seems like a very vague concept, some business owners get confused. How does it exactly work in the realm of social media sites? In this article, we will learn about the different kinds of things you can do to boost brand awareness for your business among social media users.

Building Brand Awareness on Social Media: A Guide for Beginners

Start with the right social media platform

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Your chosen social media platform will largely determine your success in brand awareness. Even if you create the best posts, have stunning visuals, and have a highly integrated system, it can greatly be affected by your social media platform of choice.

Thus, choosing the right social media platform for your business is essential if you want to succeed in boosting brand awareness. Some questions to ask before deciding include:

  1. Where does your target audience hang out? Which social media platform are your potential customers likely to browse? Mothers and women can be usually associated with Pinterest and the younger generation can be seen hanging out in TikTok. The older population is most likely to be on Facebook, and some niche groups can be seen on Instagram, Reddit, or Twitter.
  2. What type of content do you like to post? Social media platforms also have content specialties. For example, Instagram is more inclined to using photos and reels, while Twitter is more of using short-form text.
  3. Which social media platform generates results? Some business owners are unsure about what social media platform they need to focus on. A great deciding point is to determine which one or two platforms yield the best results in terms of engagements and clicks over a set period of time.

Have a content strategy on social media

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Creating content in social media is not all about posting your product or services, having funny memes, or reposting quotes. Your posts should have a solid strategy and direction regarding the type of content, how you drive engagement, and your call-to-action.

To better visualize, think of each post as a mini-blog in your chosen social media platform. Some traits that your post should possess are:

  1. Gives value to your target audience: Whether it’s to inform, entertain, or showcase, your social media posts should be of value in order to bring in engagement.
  2. Must be timed or scheduled with a strategy in mind: It is also important to consider holidays, special occasions, or timely and relevant topics when creating social media posts.
  3. Having a call-to-action in the post: Some examples of call-to-action in social media include clicking links, links in the biography or profile, or swiping up (Instagram). You can direct users to your shop page, a blog post, or a sign-up page depending on your social media goals.

In a way, thinking of social media as a part of your content marketing is key to increasing your brand awareness. Much like how you construct your own domain and create distinct blog posts on your website, your social media content should also align with these other marketing strategy elements.

Setting a visual standard for social media

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Visuals are very important for social media platforms. Since people scroll through feeds, those that win in their social media game are the most eye-catching for their target audience. Of course, this all depends on the type of business you have. Below are some examples of how you can set a visual standard for social media:

  1. Photography business: Showing your photography style in social media, such as crisp and colorful, or light and airy will help your potential customers decide if they would like to inquire about your services.
  2. Digital marketing: Creating social media infographics with the same typefaces, brand colors, and solid information will help the audience engage in your content.
  3. Coaching, mentor, or author: Being a thought leader by posting short videos of quotes, anecdotes, and helpful advice can also help in trust and engagement.

Your social media visuals highly depend on the type of business you have. To aid you in getting a better insight, you can also look at the social media accounts of competitors or leaders in your industry to see how they strategize their posts.

Post consistently

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Learning how to increase brand awareness on social media also extends beyond the content you create, but how often you post them. Many people hire their own social media marketer as they help in posting consistently across different platforms.

For brands that have most of their engagement in social media, 1-2 daily posts can help boost awareness among their target audience. At the very least, most can benefit from posting 3-4 times a week using various types of posts that have a strong call-to-action, attracts potential customers, and provides value to their target audience.

Being mindful of caption elements

Visuals aside, another important element on how to increase brand awareness on social media is to also focus on your searchability. Many social media platforms are built to serve as search engines on their own, thus having the right caption elements can help.

Some things to help are:

  1. Using relevant hashtags: Using popular hashtags in your niche can help other users find your social media account in their explore pages.
  2. Description SEO: Some social media platforms allow for SEO in their captions and descriptions. It can be very helpful to add some relevant keywords in description areas such as on Youtube and Pinterest.
  3. Compelling text: Much like creating a blog post or a sponsored post, your caption should also captivate your user’s attention. Using a language that your target audience can relate to, persuading through emotions, and sparking their interest through text is another puzzle piece to win in social media brand awareness.

How to Increase Brand Awareness on Social Media: Connecting Your Content with Your Audience

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The underlying principle that business owners should keep in mind when creating brand awareness in social media is learning how to content their content with their audience. Captivating interest while establishing authority in various social media platforms is one way to boost one’s brand recognition.

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