How Hotels Can Improve Their Customer Service

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Tina Cheong
Tina Cheong
July 24, 2015
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Customer service has always been essential to every business, especially the hospitality industry. In this day and age where your social media channels are just as important to manage as your actual website, it is necessary to provide excellent customer service across all platforms. Aside from the basics that everybody in customer service should already know, here are a few ways to improve on that customer service to keep customers happy and satisfied.

Imagine if your guest is not enjoying their stay at your hotel because they don’t have hot water in their room. If they approach you regarding this problem and you don’t do anything to help them, they may decide to share this experience on review sites as well as social media. Complaints are generally undesirable, but can definitely be used to help improve your hotel and its customer service. Great customer service involves assisting the guest and any complaints that they have regarding their stay at your hotel. If you are able to provide customer service that is quick and efficient to help resolve the issue, then your guest will remember your customer service even if their stay at your hotel wasn’t the best.

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In addition to providing great customer service for your guests when they are on your property, great customer service begins before they even arrive at your property. This includes your social media channels, because they are just as important as your website. For example, a guest may not directly approach the hotel regarding any issue but may tweet about it and tag your hotel. Small tweets like this can easily be forgotten because the Twitter newsfeed gets flooded easily. Customer service must be maintaining all social media channels at all times so that they can respond to any comments or concerns. Your audience is also able to see everything that happens on social media channels, so it makes the hotel look good if all types of feedback are answered on social media. This shows your audience that the hotel does read and respond to everything, whether it be a positive comment or a complaint and cares about each situation.

No matter how successful your hotel is, there is always room for more improvement. As a result, sending out surveys to your guests asking them to tell you more about their experience at your property could definitely provide some valuable data. Using a survey will let you know what areas your hotel excels in and what areas could use some improvement. Providing some sort of an incentive such as free complimentary breakfast would be a good idea to increase the number of guests filling out your survey. Guests want to be treated well before they even arrive on your property. Customer service goes a long way in keeping your guests loyal and attracting new guests. How do you think you can improve on your customer service?

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