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Chloe Rogers

Aug 28, 2022


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Small business owners and team decision-makers know that effective sales strategies are important to any growth process. Advantageous B2B product or service sales strategies serve many functions and can help your company grow by boosting your conversion rates, generating new leads, and improving consistency with your sales team. The best sales tactics can even improve revenue consistency across the board by ensuring your team receives more qualified leads in the future.

That’s where great B2B sales process practices come in. Here, we will talk about the B2B sales process best practices to use for businesses looking to stand and thrive. Hopefully, these advantageous strategies will help you develop a B2B sales approach for your growing enterprise!

How does the B2B sales process work?

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A B2B sales process involves using specific steps to help your sales representatives convert prospective leads into long-term customers. This is a repeatable, scalable, step-by-step approach that can be used to help ensure current and future success.

B2B Processes are Consistent and Well-Defined

Well-defined management and sales processes are definitive, quantitative, and dependable. They can deliver consistent outcomes, regardless of outside variables. This is ideal for scenarios where an in-person sales pitch is necessary and can even help improve outcomes for cold calls. Sales teams can use these principles in various industries as well. Using effective sales tactics and lead generation, salespeople from many backgrounds can encourage prospects to make deals that provide immediate and long-term solutions.

These Processes Outline Sales Tactics Step-by-Step

Moreover, well-defined procedures in your sales department will outline the appropriate steps needed at each stage to avoid losing deals. Overall, your B2B sales process can serve as a roadmap for your sales staff. It guides prospects through the many sales cycle stages until they can convert leads into repeat customers.

B2B Sales Process Best Practice Tactics and Options

Business-to-business (B2B) sales can be a fantastic way to ensure revenue continuity while helping salespeople convert potential leads into long-term customers. However, selling to other businesses can be a tad tricky. This high-stakes selling game necessitates a unique approach different from direct-to-consumer sales. No matter what industry you are catering to, knowing which B2B sales techniques work and which ones don’t can be helpful. Below are the best B2B sales processes to implement in any industry.

The 7 Steps of the Sales Process

Teaching your sales reps the seven steps of the sales process is important. These steps are important for any effective selling strategy.

In order, the 7 steps of the sales process are:

• Lead generation

• Discovery

• Lead qualification

• Sales pitches

• Objection handling

• Closing the sale

• Following up

1. Lead Generation

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First, your salespeople must identify and reach out to qualified sales leads. This process is known as lead generation and is the beginning of the sales funnel.

2. Discovery

Next, sales executives must take time to research and discover pertinent information about the leads they plan to follow up on. This may include pain points, expectations, and challenges faced by businesses, potential customers, and the industries they operate in. Social media can be helpful in this step of the process.

3. Lead Qualification

After the groundwork has been laid, salespeople must evaluate each lead comprehensively. How viable is a lead? Is it worth your time and attention? Is the product or service being sold suitable for this specific lead? If so, proceed to the next stage. If not, pursue another lead.

4. Sales Pitches

At this stage, salespeople will have an in-depth understanding of what lies ahead with each lead. It is time to create a personalized sales pitch using their gathered information. A good B2B sales pitch will offer solutions to the specific issues of a prospective lead and their industry.

5. Objection Handling

New leads rarely make a purchase immediately after the first sales pitch. Instead, decision-makers decide whether a service or product will be right for their unique needs and applications. Salespeople must be ready to handle objections or answer questions at this process stage.

6. Closing the Sale

Now it’s time to close the deal. This is the most rewarding part of the sales cycle for many reps. Discuss prices and establish trust. Remember, you want a lead to keep coming back. This means leaving on a good note with room for additional product sales or service options.

7. Following Up

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After pitch but before a deal is signed or closed, a strong connection must be maintained with each prospective lead. While maintaining professionalism, it is important to establish rapport and gently guide each client through the final parts of the sales process. Then, stay in touch regularly to ensure each professional working relationship stays healthy and viable.

Have an Effective Sales Funnel and Stay on Top of Your Website Conversions

An effective sales funnel strategy is important for your team to consistently bring in B2B sales without wasting time. This means you will need a way to generate leads consistently. Website conversions are very important to this process.

You should also look at things from the buyer's point of view. What is their journey like in this process? What emotions will a buyer experience? The seven sales funnel steps help you consider a buyer's perspective.

Steps of the B2B Sales Funnel:

• Awareness

• Interest

• Decision

• Purchase

• Evaluation

• Delight vs. Dissatisfaction

• Repurchase vs. Attrition

Do Everything Possible to Boost Website Conversions

Your web lead conversion rates matter. After all, seeing lots of traffic should equate to more lead conversions. If this isn't happening, you may have a problem to correct. Not to worry, there are many ways to boost your website conversion rate. When you improve your web conversions, you improve your B2B sales.

B2B Sales Process Best Practices: Final Thoughts

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Remember, the numbers don't lie. The sales process has always been a numbers game. According to multiple Harvard Business Review reports, companies with effective sales processes achieve significant revenue generation and growth compared to competitors! In competitive markets, effective sales practices can improve profitability by more than 15%. So, keep working on your B2B sales strategies because things will pay off in the end.

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