Create an App for Your Hotel Business


Vince Torres

Jul 15, 2013


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Go beyond only making a mobile version of your hotel’s website for mobile marketing, and consider mobile app creation. It’s not some impenetrable field that requires highly specialized market research and software developers. The coding part of the app is not all that complicated for most software developers. Your hospitality business should consider having a mobile app.

1. Captive audience

One of the downfalls of Internet marketing is that your visitors have so many distractions; it’s hard to keep their attention. When you have your traffic loading up a mobile app, you eliminate the outside distractions. It’s harder to multi-task on the phone compared to a computer, so you receive the majority of their attention. A mobile app gives you a direct connection with your customers and guests, increasing their satisfaction.

2. Build for your core demographic

People love apps for their phones, especially if you give them a practical and useful reason to use your app. When consumers are comparing cell phones online, they want one that will support their favorite games. They also want one that offers them valuable tools for everyday life and travel. When your app offers room discounts, mobile reservations, and special events, you get a leg up by catering to what people need in a hospitality app. You don’t have to worry about going with a broad appeal approach like you might in other forms of marketing. If you understand your audience correctly, you can capture their attention and engagement by sticking to useful and straightforward tools.

3. Customer service streamlining

Customer service and satisfaction are two critical aspects of the growing hotel business. This also applies to your mobile app. If you cannot provide quick service, people have no problem jumping online and telling their entire social networks. A customer service element incorporated into an app gives customers immediate access to get any problem solved before it becomes a significant issue.

4. Staying on the mobile curve

Take a look at your competitors. You can create a simple app that gives hotel information or an app that lets them plan an entire vacation. Customers will now have a mobile presence that goes beyond the average mobile website. You don’t have to have the flashiest or most dedicated app in the world. Have your app be useful enough that customers are going to want to access it regularly. App retention is a difficult skill to learn, but it’s one of the most valuable skills you have in your mobile marketing toolbox.

5. Brand loyalty

When you have an app available, you help build brand loyalty through the mobile marketplace. Your most avid customers and guests get on board with whatever you have to offer, and their recommendations can bring other, less enthusiastic customers. It builds up your customer engagement and gives you a way to build loyalty and authority.

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