4 Tips to Organically Grow Your Hotel’s Facebook Page


Renee Radia

Jun 25, 2013


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Social Media

Most hoteliers know they should be implementing Facebook and other social media channels into their marketing efforts. And while knowing is half the battle, taking action on Facebook can seem a daunting task, mainly depending on the size and resources of the hotel. What’s more, when page administrators log in to update the hotel’s Facebook page, they are bombarded with recommendations to pay Facebook to see a higher return. Potential ads for your page show up on the side, along with pop-ups to promote the page, drop-downs to boost each post, and more. Facebook pages do grow quicker in the number of fans, the more money you put into the social media giant. However, there are still ways to build your Facebook community organically and without pushing your hotel’s marketing budget.

Create a username for your page

Registering your Facebook page means moving from the “www.facebook.com/pages/your-hotel-name/2332018301” URL to something as simple as “www.facebook.com/your-hotel-name.” Not only does it help your Search Engine Optimization, but you can quickly tell someone the link to your Facebook page without confusing them. And doesn’t it just look cleaner? The process for registering your page is simple and can be done within just a few moments. If your hotel has a Facebook page, but it is not registered, that is without a doubt your next step.

Optimize your listing

The phrase “optimize your listing” gets thrown around a lot when it comes to online marketing.  While it may sound time-consuming, it can be a relatively intuitive and painless process. Because of the way Facebook integrates with Google, not to mention with the functionality of Facebook’s Graph Search, incorporating keywords into the About section on your page is imperative. On your hotel’s Facebook page, under the profile picture where it reads “About,” check to see if the description is filled out. Is all the necessary info there? Is your website listed? Inputting these seemingly-minor details can have a significant impact on who finds your page organically!

Upload photos

Many social media marketers say that Facebook’s algorithm favors pictures by showing them higher in users’ news feeds. This issue has been hotly debated, and while it may or may not be correct, what matters the most is what resonates the best with your community. Travel is inherently graphic, so doesn’t it only makes sense that your Facebook fans want to see photos? Upload a compelling cover photo and profile picture for your page – it is the first thing your fans will see, after all. Share photos of your property, your city, local attractions, your staff, etc. regularly. Remind your fans why your property is worth a visit and why your local area deserves their attention! Many hoteliers struggle with the idea that all photography should be professional. While this is a solid strategy for photography on the website, with all the tools available to you on your Android phone or iPhone, most photography is acceptable on Facebook. Use Facebook’s Page Insights to see what type of content your community likes, and go with it!

Use hashtags

Facebook recently added linked hashtags in its posts and now allows users to search for hashtags to find content. The implications of this relatively new addition to the social network are still being explored. I can tell you it is a great way to categorize your status updates. There is a lot of potential for people to organically come across your page based on what hashtags you use. Use hashtags related to your city or events with whom you’ve partnered to bring in not only new page fans but new potential guests. Remember not to use too many hashtags, and only include those that are the most relevant.

By following these simple tips, your hotel’s Facebook presence will grow, and you will attract the right audience. Above all, remember that it’s not about the number of your fans. If your fan count is slightly lower than you were hoping for, but your existing fans are engaging with you and booking nights at your hotel, you should consider your Facebook efforts a success.

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