Blog Writing: A Different Beast


Alex Corral

Mar 6, 2018


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Typically, the writing rules of the real world don't apply in the context of the web. You want to write something that people can comprehend, but depending on your audience, that could take many different forms. Proper punctuation and extensive usage of acronyms might just be the way that your audience speaks, and writing in this way could help build credibility amongst your audience. This is what makes blogging an entirely different beast. So how can you make sure that your blog writing is on point?

Know Who You Are Talking To

I always try to get as close to "proper" writing as possible, but sometimes it doesn't work. Sure, proper punctuation is a must, but what about the reading level of the audience. Let's take a word like sesquipedalian. Do I have to use that word, probably not? I can just say that something is long-winded. Using the first word can alienate some readers if they do not feel that they can relate to how I am writing.

Now, if you are on another site where people use words like anthropomorphism freely, then your content should reflect that. You don't want to come off as condescending, and you don't want to make the reader feel that you are out of touch.

A good rule of thumb is to write for what "professional" means in your industry. If this means business casual, write accordingly. If it means ascots and monocles, write accordingly.

There will always be critics on both sides of the aisle, but as long as you make sure that it adds value to your reader, then you should be okay.

Formatting Matters

If I want to devote some time to reading, then a piece of content that is 2000, plus words, might be okay. In most cases, it is not. Think about it. Your eyes are already tired from staring at the computer all day. Are you going to be able to focus on a big block of text? Probably not, and you aren't the only one.

Some statistics show that people don't even "read" online content: they just scan it. It is for this reason that you need to break up your blog into sections so that people can quickly look at it and see if it is something that they want to devote their time to. Including links in the body of your article can also help improve the user experience across your website.

I know that I didn't use inline pictures in this blog, but if you can, include them. They will take your blog to the next level.


What is the purpose of your blog? That is one question I always like to ask. The answer should be, "to get people to take X action," but most people don't think it all the way through. When you are writing your blog, you should ask yourself, "Would I link to this?" If the answer is no, then you need to adjust. The internet is social, and that should be the purpose of your blog. If you want to generate business, the reader should think, "hmmm, I know someone who has to see this." Then they share it with their network. If you put out enough good stuff, then people might start associating your brand with whatever service/product you are offering.

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