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Arielle Reyes

Jun 24, 2019


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Social Media

Social media is a great way to leverage your business outside of your website. Social media is interactive, engaging, and used by billions around the world. It’s also a marketing tool that can help get users over to your website. All you have to do is include links to your products, blogs, and landing pages. With the right type of promotion, you could see a surge in social attribution on Google Analytics.

The majority of social media channels allow businesses to include links in various areas of their sites, including the bio, stories, and most importantly - posts. Unfortunately, the same isn’t valid for one of the internet’s most popular social media networks - Instagram. 

Instagram allows users a minimal opportunity to click outside of their app or site. The most common place where businesses can put a coveted link on the app is their bio. Leading users to your website’s homepage might be great for some industries. Most companies would prefer a more targeted landing page depending on any current campaigns.

Businesses can include URLs as text in their posts. These links will not be clickable, though. It’s not even possible to highlight and copy the text of posts, making it even more difficult if you include URLs in the content of a post. It’s also safe to assume that it’s pretty unlikely that a user will either memorize or go over to another device. They would have to type in the URL to visit the page! A workaround to this is to include a call to action. This CTA would entice users to click the link in your bio or add a link in your story.

If you’re active on Instagram, you may have noticed that some users have the ability to include links in their stories. This is the only other place on Instagram where hyperlinks can be added. You may be curious as to how some users can add links to their Instagram stories, and the answer lies in the number of followers an account has.

How Many Followers Do I Need to Add Links to My Story on Instagram?

An Instagram account will need 10k followers to add a link to their story. This is true for both personal and business accounts. Want to add links to Instagram stories? The first step you’ll need to take is having the minimum requirement of followers. Getting to 10k can take some time, and you’ll also need to implement a solid Instagram strategy that includes creating meaningful content and engaging with users. This will also be beneficial in the end because these followers will genuinely want to connect with your brand and will be more likely to respond to your posts and stories.

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