6 Ways to Upsell a Service or Product


Chloe Rogers

Nov 18, 2022


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Have you been trying to think of ways to upsell a service or product but don’t know where to start? Upselling techniques can sometimes be misinterpreted as pushy opportunistic in a sales scenario. However, this could not be further from the truth! Reasonable upselling suggestions can be beneficial for everyone. This is especially true when your team takes the time to understand what clients truly need. Then, they can initiate the right sales strategies for existing customers. As a result, clients can more easily get the most out of what your company offers!

Not only can the right upselling strategies help solve a problem, but upselling and cross-selling can save you and your clients time and money. Indeed, there is a reason that it usually costs less to maintain your existing customer relationships than to generate new leads or market services to strangers. Your current clients can save time, money, and energy by taking advantage of your upselling courtesies!

About Upselling and Cross-selling

upselling vs cross-selling

Upselling is a sales technique that involves offering customers additional products or services to generate more revenue. Upselling may involve marketing additional services that benefit a customer or simply making customers aware of different available products.

Cross-selling is similar and has to do with offering additional solutions to customers that have already chosen a product or service to buy. Both processes involve taking an existing sale and adding to it, thereby increasing the revenue per client.

The Best Upselling Strategies

So what upselling strategies work best? It all comes down to identifying the best upselling opportunities and implementing effective sales techniques at the correct times. Below, we have included six helpful upselling tips that you can use to boost sales.

These helpful ways to upsell a service or product can be tweaked and adjusted to fit your unique situation. Whether you are trying to upsell a service or a product to your existing customers, the following upselling strategies can be incredibly helpful toward increasing your top-line revenue.

1. Understand Your Customers and Know What They Need

To easily identify great upselling opportunities, you must know your demographic inside and out. Who are your customers? What do they want out of your services or products, and what are they willing to pay to solve a problem?

If you can sit down and speak with your customers directly, awesome! This is a quick way to find out what a customer wants and upsell a product on the spot. However, for many e-commerce businesses, few in-person interactions occur, so you'll need to work with whatever data is available.

Perhaps, you can investigate successful email marketing campaigns from the past. Or, maybe you can look at the data you have gathered from previous sales. Were there any scenarios in which customers returned to buy additional products? You can use every available resource to get to know the people you sell to. Even if this means you need to make a digital marketing update, understanding who your customers are and what they need will save you time and effort in the long run. Then, you can offer your buyers the kinds of add-ons they will find beneficial and desirable.

2. Offer Bundles and Discount Packages

Woman holding a gift bundle

For many businesses, bulk sales are the name of the game. If you are looking for increased sales, it may be wise to offer customers bundles or discount packages in return for making bulk purchases. When existing customers can purchase additional products and save money by shopping for everything all at once, they will be inherently motivated to spend more during a single transaction. Everyone can unlock quick wins!

Regarding bundles of products and services, a certain amount of psychology is involved. When customers can access upsell bundles, they will experience a greater feeling of control over their purchase. Better yet, when customers can choose from different packages or tailored services, they will enjoy a feeling of a custom-fit sale. Customers or clients already committed to buying often find that extra purchases feel natural. This is just another reason that upselling is such a powerful marketing tool!

3. Win Trust with Social Proof

One of the most effective ways to improve sales and conversion rates through upselling is to offer social proof. Social proof can quickly and comprehensively show customers that what they are interested in purchasing is beneficial. People tend to gravitate toward what others are doing. Using this human tendency to your advantage when upselling and cross-selling can be incredibly effective.

Customer review

Social proof could involve offering transparent customer reviews underneath a product. Amazon does this with its products to great effect. Social proof could also involve offering access to verified testimonial videos to customers. Or, in a sales situation, social proof might even be as simple as having a salesperson explain that they use a particular product personally.

4. Start Small and Build

When upselling and cross-selling, you can access or offer a portion of the range of services. You should look for clients seeking a minimal range of services. Then, upsell them on a greater spectrum of options. Some software and SAAS product options can help you simplify this process. Overall, the goal is to start in a niche sales space and expand it in a way that seems appealing to a client.

5. Be Honest, Empathetic, and Transparent

As much as your company consists of salespeople, it is also full of people who are customers. As such, you probably already know how important it is to be transparent, empathetic, and honest at every stage of a sales transaction. You want your customers to feel they are being considered with care and commitment.

After all, if a customer feels taken advantage of, they probably won't come back. It is far better to keep your existing customers than to chase new ones constantly. As such, transparency is important when engaging in any sales transaction.

6. Consider Offering Bonuses in the Upselling Process

When trying to convince customers to add more to their shopping cart, consider motivating them using positive bonuses. What can you do to make a transaction seem more appealing?

Free shipping

Offering free shipping, for instance, is one way to encourage buyers to make larger purchases. Each company is different, so your services will vary based on your business model. The goal here is to think about making a larger purchase seem like an efficient way to save money for the buyer.

Ways to Upsell a Service or Product: Final Thoughts

When done right, upselling and cross-selling are two of the fastest and most efficient methods to grow top-line revenue for small businesses or e-commerce stores. Not only will upselling products to existing customers help save you money, but good sales tactics can also improve the purchasing experience for your patrons.

In the end, helping your clients quickly and easily access the services or products they need locks in repeated business and helps increase revenue and loyalty. At E-Marketing Associates, nothing makes us happier than seeing your revenue grow!

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