3 Qualities Every Hotel Website Should Have


José Gómez

Jun 5, 2019


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It is essential to hoteliers that customers have an enjoyable guest experience, not only at the hotel but online. You want to provide the best guest experience even before they set foot in your hotel. It all begins with their experience online. Here are three qualities your website should have to ensure a smooth yet fantastic guest experience.

Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

With today's advanced technological advances, researching a hotel before booking is as standard as scratching an itch. You can learn so much from a hotel just by visiting their website. But what if you're not at the office or in front of a desktop. The percentage of travelers that are using mobile devices in comparison to an actual personal computerwill continue to increase. With a large number travelers adjusting to their smartphones and tablets to hop on the internet, it is crucial to have a mobile-friendly website. If you're a hotel, your website should be mobile-friendly all across the board. Responsive navigation bars and images, as well as fast loading times. You want your potential guests to have all the information they need in the palm of their hand before making a decision.

Be Active On Social Media

Hoteliers who are not logging in daily on social media are missing one of the largest target audiences. Social media tends to be a hub of information and inspiration for travelers. With the hotel in mind, it is important that all the information on the website and social media channels are accurate and consistent. This creates a sense of trust. When a guest visits a different search engine or directory on the internet with your hotel business name on it, they'll know it's reliable information. Make sure you have someone answering any instant messages you might receive. Missing a single communication could be the difference between having a stay and giving it to your competitors. Treat your potential guests as if they have already booked at your hotel. Customer service is critical in the decision-making process, and it shouldn't stop on social media.

Provide Helpful Information to Tourists and Newcomers

Where there's a hotel, there's a tourist. If a hotel does not have traveler information such as trying to get there from the airport or a guide to the surrounding neighborhood, say bye-bye to those potential guests. It helps to have city guides, maps, and brochures of all places in the local area. The guides could also include ways to get around the area. They can consist of distances of specific attractions/restaurants from the hotel and a weather forecast so that they will be aware of the weather conditions during their stay. Significant events should always be mentioned in case they're looking to make plans or do something special during the trip.

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