Tips to launch a new product

February 7, 2020

New products are always fun in the ideation phase, but when it comes to planning a new product marketing launch, businesses need to be as strategic as possible.

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Create Your Holiday Campaigns

August 30, 2019

Summer’s over, and your business is probably coming down from the summer rush as everyone heads back to school and work. Now is the time to create.

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Instagram Summer Post Ideas - Hotels

July 9, 2019

Photos are the ultimate way to sell your hotel to travelers. Many people are visual and love being able to see their destination instead of just picturing it in

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3 Ways To Get More Business

November 17, 2016

To maximize your revenue during this holiday season, here are a few helpful marketing tips you can integrate with your own hotel’s strategy.

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Hotel Promos & Social Media - Part 2

February 20, 2013

Once you've created your property’s promotion, you'll need to spend time marketing the offer using social media. Don't know how? Check out this post.

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Creative Hotel Promotions (Part 1)

February 13, 2013

Coupling creative promotions with specific social media strategies will work twofold to draw guests into both your actual property as well as your social media

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Success with Social Media Contests

January 25, 2012

Hotels are realizing that they can make their guest interactions fun and mix things up with unique contests. The following are a few creative hotel contests.

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