Top Outsourced Business Services That You Should Consider


Steve Thompson

Apr 17, 2021


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While the pandemic created new challenges to supply chains, resilient businesses have survived by embracing cloud computing and outsourcing specialists. The cloud allows for remote collaboration among staff and independent contractors. Critical reasons for outsourcing to third parties include focusing on core activities, improving efficiency, and sharing risk. Here's a look at the top outsourced business services in the United States.

Virtual Assistant Office Work‍

Woman working as a virtual assistant

Like other work-at-home positions, virtual assistants help companies handle tasks that can be completed on a computer from any location. Virtual Assistants usually are expected to have a skill set similar to a receptionist, researcher, or office manager. The work may range from data entry to typing reports to answering phone calls or emails. Understanding the pros and cons of virtual assistant jobs will help you decide if it's work you want to pursue.


Many small businesses outsource accounting because it's often not the forte of a creative business owner. At the same time, entrepreneurs with limited funds may not afford a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Instead, they may settle for someone with bookkeeping experience who also understands how to work with payroll and human resources.

Accountant talking to their client

The more complex a business structure is, the more it needs a high-quality CPA who knows how to manage financial data for various departments under one roof. In addition, large corporations can't afford to cut corners on accounting and need highly experienced accountants who know how to balance the books effectively and take advantage of available tax loopholes.

IT Consultancy with Help Desk Support‍

One of the top outsourced business services that keep electronic business processes in order is IT consulting, which often includes a 24/7 tech support desk. This service is popular with a wide range of industries because it provides guidance for staying updated on new technology, particularly cybersecurity. IT consultants play a huge role in helping clients maintain business continuity. These specialists streamline your operation by replacing redundant tasks with automation.

Manufacturing, Shipping & Logistics‍

A low-cost entry into a market can be achieved with a "white label" partnership to develop products that you brand as your own. For businesses that lack the skill sets and equipment necessary to create and produce a product, opportunities still exist to partner with a factory that already has its machinery and supply chain, complete with shipping and logistics. Some manufacturers that offer white label partnerships specialize in developing niche or generic products.

If your company needs to invent a physical tool for your workplace, you can outsource to an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Manufacturers without their fleet of vehicles commonly outsource shipping to trucking firms. Producers who want to focus more on research and development or products typically outsource to storage/warehousing and delivery services.

Software Development‍

Software developer working in front of a computer

Many utilities and manufacturing plants and healthcare and transportation companies are going through a digital transformation this decade. Adding innovative technology to their systems often includes creating a user app. Likewise, many retailers need apps to interact with customers at any time and provide quick solutions or more profound information. Even giant tech firms outsource work to external software developers.

Tax Preparation‍

Filling out and filing taxes can be tedious work for any business, which is precisely why its work is often outsourced to experienced tax consultants or preparers. If you prefer the entire process to be done electronically, consider creating a short-term login for the tax specialist. Businesses usually only need this work done once per year, making it practical to outsource.

Customer Service‍

People working in customer service

This entry on the list of top outsourced services should come as no surprise to you. Customer service represents the face and voice of the company to the consumer. In that sense, it's incredibly crucial that whoever you hire has strong communication skills and a professional attitude. In addition, these days, social media is playing an increasingly important role in connecting with consumers in real-time to answer questions.

Web and Graphic Design‍

Nearly every business needs a website, especially with the rising popularity of online shopping with intelligent devices. But not every firm has the time or talent to create a competitive interactive website full of helpful content.

A dedicated web development company or all-in-one web services provider can help your firm craft a meaningful blog that showcases your expertise in your niche. Just as important, working with a graphic designer can give your site plenty of colorful images and eye-catching marketing materials.

Sales and Marketing‍

Digital marketing concept - Ads, Emails, Social network, SEO, Video, and calls.

The driving force behind building revenue is the combination of sales and marketing, as marketing usually comes first to achieve sales. Digital marketing has become the solution to save time and money by utilizing internet resources such as email marketing, SEO, PPC, e-commerce, and multimedia presentations. Hiring another firm to develop and nurture sales leads often requires ensuring the sales team understands your business model, brand, products, and target market.


Knowing these top outsourced business services gives you insights into the possibilities for designing or refining your operation, supply chain, and logistics. Many companies are going more digital since it's more efficient and productive, so they need technical assistance from outside experts. Working with an e-marketing company can get you closer to your target market at a faster pace with a measurable ROI.

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