The Pros and Cons of a Virtual Assistant


Ruth Albertson

Nov 21, 2020


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Time Management

If you are a small business owner, have recently started an online business, or are looking for ways to grow your business but simply do not have time to take on all of the work yourself, hiring a virtual assistant may be wise. There are many virtual assistant services provided today that can help you become more efficient and productive. Consider the following pros and cons of a virtual assistant listed below to determine what is right for you and your business.

Pros of Hiring a Virtual Assistant‍

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If you are a busy small business owner or are looking to improve time management for new managers, it can be a smart move to hire virtual assistants. Virtual assistants are becoming increasingly popular throughout the business world and can make your life simpler in many ways.

Improved productivity‍

The most obvious benefit is that you will have more time to focus on those tasks that only you can do while outsourcing the more mundane tasks, such as communicating with customers and scheduling appointments. Also, many virtual assistants have plenty of experience under their belts, and you will not have to worry about spending much time training them.

Professional man with headset working as a virtual assistant

Find a highly trained and diversified employee‍

If there is a particular task that must be done correctly, but that uses up a majority of your time each week, outsourcing to a virtual assistant is a smart move. These individuals are already trained to hone in on specific work areas and are often specialists in their fields.

Enjoy the flexibility of virtual assistant services‍

With a virtual assistant who can work from home, you can enjoy the benefits of connecting with an employee at any time that is convenient for you. Work hours can be completed whenever you and your assistant have time. By hiring a virtual assistant who lives in a different time zone, you can better reach out to clients across the country.

Discover low-cost alternatives to hiring full-time employees‍

If you do not yet have the funds to hire one or more full-time employees and pay their benefits packages, a virtual assistant is a simple solution.

Decrease your stress level‍

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Even if you do not have the money to hire full-time employees at this point, a virtual assistant can help you fill in the gaps in your business so that each of your projects is completed on time. Instead of feeling that you are in charge of every little thing, your assistant can take some burdens from you.

Cons of Hiring a Virtual Assistant‍

While there are undoubtedly many positives to be gained from hiring a virtual assistant, you should also recognize that there could be a few downsides with this new relationship. As the number of virtual assistants swells around the world, it is expected that not all of them will come with the high-quality training and skills that you need to improve your business development. The following four problems are among the most common in the world of outsourcing some of your work.

Lack of in-person meetings‍

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Only speaking via email, text, or telephone could hamper communication between you and your assistant. Not only could miscommunication hinder projects, but also power outages and technical problems could slow down work.

Potential language barriers and cultural considerations‍

Suppose your virtual assistant lives in a different area of the country or even in a foreign country altogether. In that case, it may be challenging to understand each other’s speech, idioms, or cultural norms that could affect your work.

Lack of regular supervision‍

Although many virtual assistants are self-starters and work well with deadlines, some may struggle to accomplish tasks on time without a boss continually monitoring them. Some virtual assistants may have low motivation or may struggle to complete their projects if they are working for more than one client at a time.

‍Higher risk of a security breach‍

It can be challenging to know how much you can trust your virtual assistant. An assistant that does not have stellar qualifications or references could put your business at risk.

Is Hiring a Virtual Assistant Right for You?‍

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As you can see, there are many pros and cons of a virtual assistant, and you will need to think carefully about whether hiring a virtual assistant business is the right move for you. Consider your business's finances, your work/life balance, the amount of real estate space you currently have, and the tasks with which an assistant could help.

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