Social Media Trends for 2023


Julie Frost

Dec 25, 2022


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Social Media

When you know how social improves marketing, you'll start accumulating a social media following that can reach tens of thousands of people. You'll always need quality, engaging content to grab their attention, but people desire different types of content as trends, and cultural landscapes change.

These predicted social media trends for 2023 focus on honesty, authenticity, and mutual respect between you and your audience. Get started early so that you can polish your marketing strategy and revise your content schedule. You'll show viewers you know what they need, and your products and services reflect this commitment.

Social Media Trends 2023

The desire for Social Change

People planting plants

Companies talk about social change, but the Internet has made it easier than ever to see how many businesses follow through. Consumers point out brands that need to live up to their claims, like claiming to be environmentalists while producing more waste than their competitors. They also criticize operations that discuss social issues but don't take tangible steps, such as donating to charities or encouraging workplace diversity.

If your brand talks about social justice, make a serious commitment to protect the environment, preserve workers' rights or stand up for marginalized communities. Take action instead of just asking your followers to donate money, putting the burden on them.

Higher Social Media Standards

In the early days of social media, brands posted advertisements and hoped for followers. Today, billions of people access social media every day. They expect an engaging social media experience with quality graphics, friendly users, and entertaining posts that make them look forward to opening the app. Your competitors might gain followers simply because of their content, regardless of the product or service they sell.

Corporate accounts need consistent branding instead of disconnected photos and text posts. Hire professionals to develop crisp, eye-catching content that educates and entertains your followers. Take advantage of interactive content like Instagram stickers and Twitter polls to build a relationship with your followers.

More Recommended Content

Instead of displaying linear posts, many social media platforms have switched to a "Recommended" algorithm. The platform learns what followers like and presents more of that content. For example, if a user interacts with a post about birds, more bird posts appear on their feed. Many platforms also display "Recommended" posts from profiles that users don't follow, providing access to more content.

Rather than trying to "beat" the algorithm, use it to your advantage by posting quality content daily. People see more of your posts on their feeds, including users who don't follow you. Use Instagram Reels to reach potential clients who scroll through videos throughout the day.

Continued Growth for TikTok

Person filming a tiktok video

TikTok's endless feed of short-form videos provides hours of quick entertainment. The "Recommended" algorithm shows users content they want to see, so they keep scrolling. People can upload their videos with attractive filters in minutes. As TikTok's user base becomes increasingly diverse, more people are abandoning Twitter and Facebook to watch their favorite content creators.

If you market your brand to younger generations, particularly millennials and Gen Z, create a TikTok profile and upload videos regularly. You'll start appearing on more feeds as you accumulate views and followers, which leads to more conversions. Share content relevant to your business: for example, if you sell cookware, you could offer recipe tutorials.

Visibility with Micro-influencers

Like Kim Kardashian, small businesses need access to Instagram's top influencers. Luckily, they don't necessarily need it. More businesses are turning to micro-influencers who have smaller but more intimate followings. These influencers typically have a niche, such as cooking or reading, that sets them aside from generic models. They're also much easier to contact.

Reach out to micro-influencers relevant to your brand to discuss a collaboration. You could sponsor one of their videos, organize a cross-promotion or pay them to advertise your service. You'll reach a new following that needs your services instead of a general audience that follows profiles just because they're popular.

More Online Shopping

Woman shopping online

As more people turn to online shopping, social media websites have integrated e-commerce into their platforms. Clients can view products and services on Instagram, Facebook, and Google Maps and place orders in minutes. Some platforms, such as Twitter, offer subscription services where people pay a monthly fee to access exclusive content.

Add e-commerce to your social media platforms to save customers a few clicks. Instead of taking extra steps to find and browse your website, they'll see their options without leaving your profile. Afterward, they'll place an order and potentially browse the rest of your store. They might even leave positive reviews because you simplified their shopping experience.

Increased Chatbot Interactions

One of the more significant social media trends in 2023 will be the increased use of chatbots. Chatbots grab visitors' attention as they browse your site, increasing the likelihood that they'll place an order instead of clicking away. They can answer questions, offer discounts, and connect visitors to a live person who can offer personalized assistance.

Some social media platforms, such as Facebook, allow you to integrate chatbots that answer your followers' questions in seconds. This can resolve issues when a live person is not available. Chatbots can reduce the burden on customer service representatives by answering basic questions giving them more time to focus on higher-value pre-sale questions.

Better Customer Service

Customer Service

Customers always want great service, but with companies more accessible than ever, they expect to talk to humans who care about their problems, not automated recordings that rarely have an answer. Many clients reach out to businesses on social media so that they can talk to them directly.

Keep an eye out for questions and comments on social media, then provide thoughtful responses instead of generic answers pulled from your FAQ. Offer to make things right if a customer complains, and thank them for positive reviews to show that you're listening. Clients will see that you view them as real people instead of a number on your follower count.

Community-based Followings

Social media trends in 2023 favor a community-based approach. Companies in the past often presented themselves as authoritative and untouchable. People interact directly with businesses through comments, likes, shares, and direct messages (DMs). Businesses gain a following of thousands of people with one thing in common: they enjoy interacting with your store.

Build a community around your brand by asking discussion questions and replying to people who respond. Create a private group where fans can discuss their lives, seek advice on projects and get help with your products or services. Highlight customers on your profile to show that you're part of your brand's "family," not just consumers.

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