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Golda Criddle
Golda Criddle
September 21, 2012

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of social media’s newest craze: Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual pinboard that is used to bookmark websites, recipes, and much more using pictures. The site is great for expanding your social media presence and increasing brand awareness, with 11.7 million unique visitors per month. With an average daily usage of 15.8 minutes, the demographic is mainly women ages 25-34 with children, and 28% are from households with an annual income of over $100,000, according to Mashable.

What does this mean for hotels? In most cases, the women in the household take on the duties of planning family vacations from doing research to booking hotels. Many use Pinterest to help them in the planning process, and if your hotel wants bookings from this demographic, it’s a good idea to get on board! While Pinterest does not guarantee instant bookings, it does foster engagement and builds hotel brand loyalty.

Once you join the site and choose a username that reflects your hotel, the next thing you should do is brainstorm ideas for boards so you know what to pin. Can’t think of what to pin? Here are some ideas:

  1. Hotel photos:  You are advertising your hotel, after all! Just don’t make this your focal point. Choose your most beautiful shots of your hotel exterior, gardens and fountains to share with the public. You can also pin pictures of your rooms to appeal to guests. Be sure to pin directly from your hotel’s website to get some referral traffic!
  2. Local Attractions: Since guests come to your hotel to experience another city, be sure to pin the most popular and visually pleasing attractions nearby. You could become a vital part of a guest’s vacation-planning experience by sharing a local bar that they wouldn’t have found anywhere else!
  3. Wedding Pictures: Hotels are sites of many weddings. Keep some of the best photos from the weddings at your hotel and share them! Wedding planning ideas, photos, and tips are very popular on Pinterest. If your hotel has a beautiful reception hall, pin that, too! Crafts and wedding apparel are also good choices.
  4. Special interest items: Is your hotel pet-friendly? Create a board of pet pictures to invite pet-lovers to stay at your hotel! Does your hotel have a restaurant/bar with a trivia, karaoke or comedy night? If so, pin pictures, reviews and blog posts about the event! Guests will love the idea of staying in a hotel where things are happening.
  5. Vintage Hotel Photos: Is your hotel in a historic building? If so, be sure to pin pictures to show its significance! Vintage photos are very “in” on Pinterest, especially with the advent of Instagram. As an example, I’ll share with you the Pinterest page we recently made for one of our clients, The Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles.

The board “I’m ready for my close-up” focuses on the rich history of Hollywood and the Hollywood Hotel’s place in that culture. We’ve pinned vintage pictures from the hotel, along with videos from Disneyland’s opening day and blog posts from LAist in order to paint a picture of Los Angeles’ heritage for guests to enjoy.

With Pinterest and all things social networking, it is important to be creative in order to properly engage the community. For the Hollywood Hotel, we decided to name all of our Pinterest boards after classic Hollywood movies and quotes because of the hotel’s place in Hollywood history. Can you spot the references?

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