Marketing to Millennials: Hotel Edition


Arielle Reyes

Sep 9, 2014


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Millennials: there has been plenty of talk about this group in the hospitality industry and how to market to them, especially since their purchasing power is steadily increasing. First, let’s start with the question, ‘Who is considered a millennial?’ Millennials, also known as Generation Y, were born between 1980 to the early 2000s. They’ve grown up around advertisements their entire lives, so if your advertising doesn’t fall in line with their lifestyle and needs, they will easily block you out.

Is your hotel planning on marketing to millennials? Here are some tips about how to get this group to relate to your hotel.

1. All About Pictures

Millennials love taking pictures and sharing them on social media. It allows them to visually share their experiences with friends in a fun and easy way. If you have some great spots in your hotel where guests love to take pictures, play them up! Let guests know about a great place and encourage photos to be taken there. More than likely, these photos will be posted on social media, showing guests having a great time. This is positive, and FREE exposure for your hotel.

2. Mobile-friendly

It’s no secret that millennials love their phones. Whether they are texting, checking emails, or keeping up with friends on social networks, their phones are never far out of their reach. Millennials also use their phones as a means of purchasing. Therefore it makes sense that hotels have websites that are mobile-friendly, if not mobile-first. Don’t lose out on millennial travelers simply because your website is not mobile-friendly.

3. Expected to take over the luxury segment by 2018

Millennials have not yet reached their maximum earning potential. However, they are expected to take over the luxury segment between 2018-2020. So what does this mean? Millennials do not necessarily see luxury the same way other groups have seen it in the past, which was more revolved around showing off a higher status. Millennials are willing to spend more on luxury, but not to show off. Instead, they care more about having a better experience and sharing it with their friends. Keep this in mind when building marketing campaigns that target millennials.

4. Most importantly, get social!

Social media is a must if your hotel plans on marketing to millennials. They love to stay connected through social media, and also expect businesses to stay active on the channels they frequent. Being active on social media will allow your hotel to not only act as a digital concierge for guests but also to engage and interact with them. Plus, when millennials are sharing and liking your posts, you get excellent search benefits!

What other tips can you offer regarding marketing to millennials?

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