Identifying New Sales Channels to Boost Sales


Steve Thompson

Aug 17, 2021


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Businesses are increasingly going more digital for multiple reasons. One reason is to reach global customers at all hours, and another is to offer remote work to employees. One of the most important financial reasons to go more digital is to expand opportunities for identifying new sales channels. Here's a look at developing the right inbound marketing strategies and lead generation techniques through multiple sales channels to drive online success.

Why Multiple Sales Channels Matter‍

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ECommerce companies must have the capability to identify new sales channels. A sales channel is any path that exchanges products or services for cash with consumers. Traditionally sales teams used minimal sales channels such as in-person meetings and the telephone to close deals. You need multiple sales channels to connect with different market segments. Email opened the door for other electronic media and remains one of the best ways to communicate with loyal customers.

Email or phone isn’t the only way to reach people. Some people prefer texting, chatting or communicating through social media messages. Online thought leaders are often best reached through their interactive blogs. Preparing to sell through multiple channels will be one of the keys to gaining a competitive business edge in the coming years. Don't forget about the popularity of YouTube and online videos, which have become monumental for product demonstrations and reviews.

How to Select New Sales Channels‍

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The communication channels that a business chooses to reach customers depend on the existing market. Some of the various ways to collect customer data and store it in a CRM profile include conducting surveys, contests, and direct communication. You can find out channels that customers prefer for interacting with the brand by using these data collection methods. The same person might interact with a brand daily through social media yet ignore all emails from the company.

Entering a market to compete requires analyzing competitors. Researching the most favored channels used by competitors provides insights into how a broader market responds. It can open doors to explore new media that might turn into reliable pathways to consistent revenue. Think of all the people from a few decades back who used to refuse to make online purchases compared with today's world.

The excitement and convenience of ordering products from home help consumers cut down on travel at a time of unpredictable transportation and energy costs. More and more consumers rely on eCommerce for purchases as long as the checkout system appears to be secure and hassle-free. Clunky, complex, and confusing eCommerce experiences are hard to overcome for many consumers who never return to such sites. So the technology for checkouts needs to be smooth for the site to have credibility and attract return customers.

Building an Online Sales Strategy‍

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Part of building the right sales strategy for a business is developing ways to interact effortlessly with the brand online. Websites, social media, email, and other electronic channels make communication convenient and straightforward. The more consumers can seamlessly engage with the brand, the more they will learn about its products and services and become a part of its ecosystem.

Another critical step to developing a successful sales strategy is to invest in equipment that helps organize and visualize the target market on a dashboard. Another essential element is to employ the best CRM for sales reps to assure a steady stream of new customers. By looking at the most relevant metrics on one screen, a sales team can sharpen its focus on specific leads. One of the best ways to retain customers is with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Focusing on building a brand through inbound marketing channels can accelerate an online venture. Creating content from the right keywords that resonate with a target market is necessary. You can figure this out through market research. CRM platforms are excellent for collecting customer data to build customer profiles and sales personas that reflect market segments. Technology can play a significant role through a hassle-free payment processing system.

Inbound Marketing‍

Creating an online "field of dreams" makes sense if the resources support the dream. But startups with low budgets can still build niche markets online using various forms of inbound marketing. These days the definitions of inbound and digital marketing overlap, although they are separate concepts. Inbound marketing means customers come to the seller, such as through search engines and catalogs. Digital marketing is full of inbound marketing channels such as search engine optimization (SEO) and includes pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

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While PPC ads are the fastest path to online lead generation, SEO is beneficial for developing a stream of endless leads over time after building a relevant website and blog content. PPC ad campaigns often take several months to refine, but quality leads can become more frequent once the right messages resonate with online followers.

Inbound marketing techniques can sell products directly to customers through online marketplace platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. A brand and its marketing messages can get indexed by broader platforms, providing global exposure. The problem with selling products through third-party platforms is they often have stringent requirements such as using generic landing page templates that promote their brand. Some eCommerce sites lack payment method flexibility, which always limits sales opportunities.

Tips for Exploring New Sales Channels‍

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The internet provides so many marketing possibilities it's difficult for some startups to know where to start. The main focus should be on common channels that are easy to test with a specific target market. Social media, email, and chat work well for informing new followers and answering questions.

Comparison Shop Engines (CSEs) allows consumers to make online price comparisons drawn from a massive database of various eCommerce stores pooled together. Bargain hunters use CSEs to find the best deals. One way to show up in these search engines is to offer the lowest prices.

Here are other tips to keep in mind on the journey to discovering new sales channels:

  1. Sales and distribution methods from 15-20 years ago no longer work.
  2. Logistics firms and supply chains are steadily moving toward digital infrastructures.
  3. Digital transformation among transportation firms has sped up the delivery process.
  4. Consumers care about honest product reviews and speedy deliveries.
  5. Customer service now plays a considerable role in retaining customers.


Online startup success now grows out of refined inbound marketing and identifying new sales channels. With this intelligence, an enterprise can create various sales presentations that connect with different market segments. At the core of this ecosystem is online marketing software for small business. Choosing the right technology and sales channels plays a significant role in how a company interacts with its customers.

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