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Arielle Reyes
Arielle Reyes
February 6, 2014
Share is a platform that helps hotels gain exposure and create buzz through their current guests. It uses technology that ties to the booking process on a hotel’s website and encourages guests to share their upcoming plans on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. After completing the booking process on a hotel’s website, guests are given an incentive to share a pre-written status update on these social media sites. The status update is personalized and includes the name and location of the hotel. Incentives for posting the status are also chosen by the hotel and can be anything from a free drink to an upgrade. Here is an example of what guests will see after booking:


Guests are automatically taken to a confirmation page after booking where they are encouraged to share their trip details on social media. Nowadays, pretty much everyone is on social media including family, friends, and co-workers. reaches guests’ personal connections on social media by having them share their vacation and hotel plans with their entire network. So how can benefit your hotel?


1. About 15% of guests will become advocates

According to’s website, about 15% of a hotel’s guests will be turned in advocates. Since many guests already share their upcoming travel plans on social media, helps them do it in a way that is also beneficial for the hotel.

2. Each guest that becomes an advocate will reach over 100 people

This is great for your hotel marketing efforts. The larger the network of the guest sharing the status, the more people will hear of your hotel.

3. Trusted recommendations

People trust the ones they know. Travelers are more likely to trust a hotel that one of their friends recommended as opposed to one that seems to have pretty good online reviews.

4. Front Desk is notified of daily incentives

Your hotel will receive an email every morning with the names of the guests who will be arriving with an incentive certificate.

In addition, was recognized at the 2013 HSMAI Adrian Awards and won the Silver Award for Social Media Marketing excellence. Do you think could benefit your hotel?

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