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Jacqueline Puga

Feb 15, 2019


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Over the years, organic reach on social media has declined drastically, in large part to changing algorithms. Due to these new changes in social media, marketers also have to adjust. Less organic reach means fewer chances to get your brand in front of potential customers. Those few opportunities to be in front of people count more now than ever before. If you're looking for a social media strategy for hotels, read on to learn about a rising approach that might be right for you.

Drastic changes in the algorithm have forced marketers to adjust their strategy dramatically. A new approach that is gaining momentum is creating less content (that performs well) and promoting that content in place of new material. In most instances, adopters of this new method of using social media have claimed that they get similar overall engagement. Although the posts are fewer, if you choose the best performing posts and promote them, the results can be worthwhile. The amount of participation you get from one single post can be comparable or surpass that of your typical posts combined. Planning a strategy like this will allow you to distribute all of your resources in the most effective way possible.

A significant aspect of creating fewer posts is that you don't need to be producing content continuously. You can put all of your focus on only a few posts to make them more meaningful. This can be obtained in different ways for different brands. Here are a few quick tips for creating better content for your brand. This includes producing your photographs rather than using stock images. Another aspect that might generate more attention is the copy of your post. Make sure each post is as close to perfect as they can be since a lot is riding on individual posts. If you have a story to tell, you might be able to interview loyal customers and translate that into a post or series of posts that share that story through the lens of your brand. More work will go into creating this content, which should, in turn, produce a very engaging piece.

Using this strategy might seem more time consuming since you spend more time curating each post. Keep in mind that you are creating fewer posts. So, overall, this should translate to higher quality. When you produce more top quality pieces, not only will your engagement increase, but you'll also create stronger relationships with your audience. They will relate to your posts even more than before. The resources poured into these projects can be used to target your specific audience members. Personalize your posts for your brand's audience. These points should be motivation enough for your brand to invest in creating higher quality content rather than focusing on quantity.

Once you've figured out how to create engaging content, you should also look into user-generated content (UGC). When you showcase photos or videos that your customers curate, you save on time. Your audience members are the ones who create the content. It's their time and resources that have produced the images and videos of your brand, but you can reap the benefits. You get to choose what aligns with your brand. Just because photos have been posted online and your brand has been tagged doesn't mean that they are of high enough quality for you to choose. Are these photos how you want to be seen? Choose what makes sense in your current strategy. Always give credit where it is due, after all, it is your customers who are doing you the favor of promoting your brand. Your audience is creating content to share with itself.

Similar to UGC is partnering with influencers. This type of content is valuable because it allows someone else to create authentic content on behalf of your brand. You still have control over what is posted on your channels. Content published by influencers elicits trust if they are a well-regarded member of a community that can translate to your brand by association. Content created by this method usually seems more "genuine" than a brand tooting its own horn. This is why it often performs better than most pieces. Working with influencers also allows you to tap into a niche audience that might be hard for your brand to reach on their own.

The last thing to keep in mind is to always test your post by reviewing analytics. Testing can show you what works and what doesn't. If you put money behind your posts, you'll get more reach. Thich is recommended for this strategy. Use all of these tips to cut back on the amount of content you produce and increase the quality of what is posted on your social media channels. You'll get more engagement from fewer posts.

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