Creative and Fun Staff Room Ideas


Ruth Albertson

Nov 2, 2020


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Staff lounges are notoriously depressing places where the oldest furniture gets placed, and counters and tables are not frequently cleaned. This negative environment may have gone on for so long that you may not even recognize how bad it is. Step into your break room, and take a look around with fresh eyes. Does the paint look faded or dated? Are there enough comfortable and clean places for your staff members to relax? Whether you are working in a small business or a primary school or middle school, the space you provide for your staff members will set the tone for each working day. Consider these six creative and fun staff room ideas as you overhaul your area.

1. Add the Right Colors

Colorful room with yellow sofa, teal table, white chair and a creative painting

At first glance, the color of the break room or office wall may not seem very important. However, color can set the entire room’s tone either by increasing peace or energy or creating a moody or sad experience. If you want to create a relaxing space where individuals can unwind before getting back to work, opt for a light blue or green. If you’re going to create an energizing experience, choose yellow or orange.

Instead of painting the entire room a single color, create an accent wall that features a pop of color, or use tape to create shapes painted in different colors. The goal is to stay innovative throughout your workplace.

2. Create a Space for Staff Interaction

People interacting while having coffee

Set up comfortable seating so that it is easy for staff to interact when on break. Use a combination of couches, chairs, and tables. You may also want to consider adding in things to do during breaks, such as decks of cards, a television with a subscription service added, or even multi-player game tables, such as foosball or air hockey. By focusing on fun, employees will be more apt to connect and come back to work feeling energized.

3. Keep One Spot for Quiet Reflection

Of course, some employees are still going to need space for relaxing. Be sure to set aside a portion of the break room for employees needing a quick nap or wanting to relax by reading a book. Add dimmable lights, relaxing wall art, blankets, throw pillows, books, and adult coloring books.

4. Enhance the Staff Room with a Food and Drinks Station‍

Even if employees routinely bring in their meals, a break room that is well-stocked with water bottles, caffeinated beverages, and healthy snacks is an encouragement on a difficult day. Instead of adding a single coffee pot, create an artful beverage station with hanging pegs for coffee cups, flavored creamers, hot chocolate packets, tea bags, and other comforting choices.

5. Post Encouragement on a Bulletin Board Display

Woman pointing at a post it pasted in a Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards are not just for children in elementary through high school. Instead, they can boost employee or teacher morale by featuring inspirational teacher quotes, areas for individuals to write encouraging words to coworkers, and classroom and teaching ideas. Consider featuring school leadership, school events, and staff members having birthdays. You can easily find plenty of bulletin board ideas online, or you can ask team members to take over the bulletin board for a week or month at a time.

6. Celebrate Special Events and Achievements

People celebrating a birthday at the office

You can even use your break room for celebrating the birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events of all staff members. Hold a monthly potluck to celebrate everything that has happened recently, choose a staff member of the month to honor, or host seasonal or holiday celebration events.

If your break room is feeling a bit dated or boring, these creative and fun staff room ideas can help you spruce up your space, boost morale, and improve staff interaction. With these methods, you do not have to turn to corny ideas or dull events to try to keep your staff happy and engaged any longer.

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