Benefits of a Cloud Based PMS


Jason Jackson

Mar 25, 2015


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Independent hotels have to wear many hats to ensure their hotels are operating correctly, but this workload can often come at a cost. Some day to day operations can be time-consuming and often be put off or forgotten entirely. Thankfully, as new hospitality technology comes out, the hotelier's job continues to get more comfortable. The latest in these tools is the new cloud-based Property Management Systems.

The most significant advantage of these systems is the cost. Traditional PMS installations and service contracts can often be expensive, and many are outdated. Hoteliers pay once and won't look for new solutions. This means as the online travel industry evolves, older systems are not compatible with the latest channel managers and booking engines. Their developers easily update Cloud-based systems, so they are always in line with the latest trends and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with internet access. This allows hoteliers to manage their properties, even if they are not physically on-site.


Hotelogix is a great solution for small and midsize hotels that are looking for a PMS that emphasizes multitasking. With an integrated channel manager, this single interface allows hoteliers to manage their OTA channels without using individual extranets. With an available booking engine, Hotelogix can be a single provider for the hotel's most important software needs. Pricing for Hotelogix is a Per Room / Per Month model with a low monthly minimum.


WebRezPro is another full-service PMS that focuses on third party integration. Connecting with the most popular GDS, POS and PBX systems on the market and is a solution for hotels of any size. With advanced features for group bookings, hotels with meeting spaces or who host lots of international travelers, will find it easy to block rooms and set up group rates with WebRezPro. Pricing for WebRezPro is competitive with a Per Room / Per Month model with a low monthly minimum.


LittleHotelier is designed for small independent hotels, with up to 50 rooms. With a clean and straightforward interface, this system is another single solution for the hotel's PMS and web booking needs. Using Siteminder's channel manager and integrated booking engine, LittleHotelier creates a single inventory across every distribution channel. With competitive fixed monthly rates, this is an excellent solution for busy hoteliers looking to minimize costs. Without per-room fees, the hotel gets to keep more of the money they earn and can have a more accurate operating budget.

Cloud-based property management services are the ideal tool for hoteliers looking to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and stay connected with the changing world of online travel. Switching to a new cloud-based PMS can be a hassle, but the benefits of these systems can help turn around a struggling hotel and give the busier hotelier a much-needed break.

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