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Digital Marketing Concept - How to Pick a Digital Marketing Agency
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May 28, 2021
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Finding a decent digital marketing firm might seem simple on the surface with the help of a search engine. But in order to maximize your business relationship with a company that updates and promotes your site, you should choose an experienced team that has managed websites in your industry. Here are tips for choosing a digital marketing agency that matches well with your business.

1. Set clear online goals

The first step in digital marketing is to define your online goals and how you expect to achieve them. These goals might be set for specific time frames, such as meeting web traffic projections for a year from now. Another goal might be to create a certain number of interactive blogs per month. You may also want to set SEO goals relating to how well your site shows up in search engines after several months of building content.

2. Look for value over affordability

Balance - value vs price

Even though you must work within the constraints of your budget, one of the most crucial tips for choosing a digital marketing agency is asking how much value it can bring your site. Does the marketing team know your industry well and can it implement e-commerce solutions? Does the firm understand your business metrics and your target audience? Digital marketing experts can promote your site, develop revenue streams and generate leads, so ask about the team's capabilities.

3. Ask questions about skill level, certifications, and experience

Whoever you hire to oversee your website should not only be someone you can trust, it should be a company that hires highly qualified talent with credentials to prove it. Be sure to ask about the company's track record and the services they provide. Make sure they know about local website optimization if you have a brick-and-mortar business.

4. Evaluate the team's communication style

One of your top requirements of a digital marketing agency should be that its agents have strong communication skills. As much as it should seem to go without saying that a communications company needs to hire great communicators, sometimes you get mixed results. Web designers who spend all day staring at computer screens may not have enough customer service experience to be the ideal fit. First make sure the firm cares about your business, which may be indicated by their curiosity level in the form of questions they ask.

5. Meet In Person Before Deciding

Your digital marketing team will have a great influence on your website, so treat it like a major decision. Don't settle for a firm that makes you feel uncomfortable. Meeting with your digital marketer is an important step to determining if they have access to the right resources to bring your site to life for an audience. When you meet a businessperson at their office it gives you a peek into their work environment. It also gives you a sense of the company's enthusiasm level.

6. Request a List of References

At your meeting ask the digital marketer for a list of references you can research. Find out who their biggest clients are to gauge their reputation and appeal. Then follow up on the references and find out how well the agency serves them. Be sure to check out their websites of other clients yourself so you can get a sense of the creativity and technical skill levels. Another important area of concern to investigate is how well the agency helps grow business for its clients.

Small digital marketing team

7. Consider Company Size

The size of the digital marketing firm you hire matters for several reasons. First, the more people that work for them, the more clients they can serve. Second, if they have too many customers, you may be treated more like a statistic. A smaller company can actually focus more quality time with personalized service for each client.

8. Does the company follow new trends?

Not every digital marketing agency stays up-to-date with the latest trends or technology. Working with someone who keeps learning new dynamics to web design will help keep your site fresh with new ideas. It's important that your site is set up so that it can integrate easily with new technology or standards. While it's not necessary to jump on every new trend, staying current with trends helps you differentiate from competitors that have fallen behind.

9. Does the agency keep up with Google updates?

Make sure the firm keeps up with Google algorithm updates, which have big impact on search rankings. In recent years Google has focused on refining mobile search, so you need a firm that understands responsive web design as well. It's crucial that your site follows Google Search guidelines to give it the best chance at search visibility. You don't need experts who try to follow every guideline, you just need pros who understand the most weighted factors.

10. How creative is the firm?

Many businesses have finally come to the realization that art is an integral part of web design. Without a sense of creativity, a website may become robotic and lack emotional appeal. Your company logo, which is the image of your brand, is a major key to making everlasting impressions in people's minds. Using the imagination to differentiate your logo will help make it memorable. Your team should also have a flair for creating or selecting high-quality images that associate well with your brand.

Marketing samples

11. Ask to see marketing campaign samples

If you're going to put your trust in a company that determines the fate of your digital marketing, the candidate should be able to come up with samples of successful digital marketing campaigns. Find out how familiar the company is with ad display networks that provide customized tools. Since pay-per-click campaigns require trial and error, it's important to know how efficient the team is at running and refining multiple online ad campaigns at once.

12. Research the team's SEO Performance

You can find out how well a digital marketer knows and uses search engine optimization properly by researching their client sites in Google Search to see if they show up using obvious keywords. If all you get are search listings based on extremely narrow niche phrases that most people would not use, it's an indicator that not enough effort has been put into keyword research.

13. Does the firm have all the right tools?

One of the key factors that separate high-quality web developers from everyone else is they use tools that save time and enhance content creation. Access to state-of-the-art web design tools can be the difference between a modern versus outdated website. Does the team have the tools to fix web page errors in a timely manner? Do they have access to professional design platforms such as Adobe's Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign?

14. Choose someone who likes your business

Happy business man talking to his client

One of the best things that can happen in your search to narrow down the list of digital marketing candidates is to come across a pro who is truly excited about your company. Maybe they're already a fan of your industry and want to help you compete in the space online. Someone who likes what you do will contribute to your site's quality more substantially than someone who doesn't know or care much about your work. In other words, stay away from digital marketers who just want your money.


Following these tips for choosing a digital marketing agency will help move your online efforts forward. A website is your online storefront and is your direct connection with your target market. Treat it as a valuable asset and it will eventually become one. Reach out to internet marketing associates to learn more about how digital marketing is the key to driving website traffic.

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