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Julie Frost

Sep 14, 2022


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People who log on to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter don't want to see advertisements. Many people install browser add-ons that hide advertisements on websites. Social media helps you promote your business, but followers will turn to another business's page that offers engaging content if your entire feed is nothing but ads.

Earn followers by experimenting with these social media content ideas for small business. Once you've started sharing engaging content, people will follow your social media accounts even if they don't plan on shopping from your business. Over time, your business makes a lasting impression, which could turn these followers into customers.

Social Media Content Ideas for Small Business

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These social media content ideas for small business will surprise, entertain, and inform your followers. Include fresh content in your marketing campaign, and build a content calendar, so you never lose track. Make posts ahead of time so you never scramble at the last minute. If you feel this is a little too overwhelming, consider outsourcing services for small businesses as an option until you are ready to do it on your own.

Spark Discussion

Everyone loves talking about themselves. Encourage followers to interact with you instead of passively reacting to your posts by asking discussion questions. Avoid generic questions, such as "What did you do this weekend?" Few people will answer those because they don't see the point in telling strangers minute details about their lives.

Instead, ask engaging questions that relate to your business, such as "Have you completed your meal prep for the week? What did you make?" or "What does your skincare routine look like?" Respond to answers, so your followers feel like you're listening. Speaking to them directly also increases the likelihood that they'll interact with you again.

Share Polls and Quizzes

Twitter and Instagram polls allow followers to engage with your business with a single click. With opinion polls, they'll feel like they're making their voice heard. If you ask followers to vote on a business decision, such as a new design, they'll feel like an honorary part of the company. This also shows that you take followers' opinions seriously.

Instagram has a quiz feature for Stories. Followers tap a button and get feedback instantly. Ask questions about your product or industry to test your followers' knowledge and give them a short break in the middle of the day. You could also ask a question on your feed and share the answer later.

Offer Solutions

Provide solutions for common issues that relate to your field. For example, if you sell makeup, you could point out common issues customers have when choosing a product. Show customers how to find the right foundation for their skin tone and choose an eyeshadow that suits their wardrobe.

If you work with other businesses, you could discuss technical issues, such as dealing with backed-up supply chains. Followers start to see you as a source for answers, which displays your expertise in your field. Don't get so involved that you start to feel like tech support.

Post Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Similarly, share frequently asked questions about your product. You can discuss technical questions, like signing up for an account on your website or figuring out shipping costs. You could also share information about shipping and return policies. Keep it short and friendly, so followers don't feel like they're reading a technical manual.

Additionally, share questions about the products themselves. For example, if you sell vegan products and customers frequently ask about the ingredients, you could discuss the ingredients in a post. You could also talk about how you ethically source your products and ensure they're safe and organic.

Discuss Inspiration

Talk to your followers about what inspires you, like the idea that inspired you to create a product line. You could also discuss the problem that you wanted to solve with your business. Sharing a personal story, such as a life event that inspired you to launch your company, helps you connect with clients.

You could also share design inspiration, like art and photographs. Just make sure you ask the original artist for permission. Similarly, post snapshots of everyday things that inspire you. Your followers might get their own boost of inspiration and tag you in the piece they create.

Talk About Your History

Nobody wakes up and decides to start a business out of nowhere. Every business has a story behind it--and when you share your story, others might share in return. Discuss your company's launch, the hardships you faced, and your relationship with your business partner or colleagues.

Similarly, talk about milestones and achievements along the way. This could include your hundredth customer, first brand partnership, or a physical store opening. Followers will be impressed as your business grows, making them more likely to choose you over competitors. You'll also feel good about yourself and get inspired to take your company to new heights.

Share Reviews

Reading Reviews online

When they decide whether to buy a product or service, customers trust fellow customers because they have no reason to lie. Share positive reviews from real clients to highlight your business's success. Glowing reviews show followers that you're thorough, attentive, and dedicated to perfecting your service.

Avoid sharing direct screenshots because they look unprofessional. Instead, make graphics that feature your company's branding. Ask clients first for permission, especially if you plan to share their photos and full names.

Host Contests and Giveaways

Giveaways attract everyone, even people who wouldn't normally follow your business. They'll follow, comment, and retweet for the chance to get free stuff. Once the giveaway is over, they'll keep following you unless they actively decide not to--and many people won't. Ask followers to complete simple tasks, not complicated projects, to maximize the number of entries.

You might not want to host a contest if you're just starting out. Your followers won't want to put effort into a contest that might get one or two entries. Once you've established your social media account, you can start inviting followers to complete tasks, such as designing a Halloween costume, for a potential reward. Make sure the prize is worth the effort.

When you host a contest, encourage your followers to vote for a winner to get everyone involved. This also reduces the likelihood of bias accusations.

Discuss Your Hobbies

While a business account isn't your personal account, talk about your hobbies while maintaining a professional distance. This humanizes your company by showing followers that a real person works behind the screen. Customers start to feel like they know you, which makes them want to support your business.

Avoid turning the post into a promotion--this comes across as disingenuous. Instead, talk about your recent hobbies, such as crocheting blankets or training for a marathon. You can mention hobbies that relate to your business without outright promoting your products. For example, if you sell cookware, you can share pictures of dishes you made.

Share Pet Photos

Cute dog with a dress

Sharing pictures of your cat, dog, fish, or bird shows customers that you're an animal lover. People who care for their pets and proudly share pictures online come across as loving and compassionate, which helps you build your reputation. You'll also provide a behind-the-scenes look if you have pets at your office.

Plus, everyone loves pet photos. Your pet pictures may earn more reactions than other social media posts. If your pet is cute or silly, you might go viral and get free promotion for your company. Don't share pet pictures daily unless your business relates to animals--otherwise, people forget you're running a business.

Host Online Events

Online events allow customers from around the world to join in. They also build a sense of excitement and spontaneity around your business. As followers watch the clock tick, their excitement grows until the party finally starts. You can host both planned and impromptu events, but ensure your customers know at least a few hours ahead of time so they can attend.

You can host interviews, performances, behind-the-scenes tours, product reveals, and Q&A sessions with live streams. Hold interviews with experts in your field to show customers that you're respected in your industry. You can also stream office events and holiday celebrations.

Post Exclusive Coupons

Share exclusive coupon codes on social media to make followers feel like they're part of an exclusive club. Indecisive followers will start shopping for your business when they realize they can't miss this limited-time deal. You'll also attract new customers who browse your website out of curiosity.

In addition to temporary deals, you can offer permanent coupons on your website, such as 10% off their purchase for new customers. Remind followers about this deal on social media to attract new buyers. Similarly, remind customers about the sale section on your website to make your business feel accessible to everyone.

Celebrate Holidays

People celebrating

Wish your followers "Happy Holidays" to make a friendly, welcoming impression and show customers that you're on top of current events. Many people will react to the post because they're festive. You could temporarily replace your layout with holiday-themed designs, such as adding Christmas lights to your logo.

Use this time to share holiday-exclusive sales and coupon codes. For followers who celebrate Christmas, offer gift guides that inspire them to check out your business. Point out how your product or service benefits the recipient, and mention specific demographics that could benefit the most.

Offer Free Gifts

People stop scrolling as soon as they see the word "free." While giveaways are limited to a few winners, freebies allow everyone to join the fun. Tell customers about free gifts that you're offering with recent orders, such as samples or T-shirts. This inspires people to make a purchase while the deal lasts.

You can also offer free services, such as website evaluations. If you don't have a service-based business, you can offer simple freebies like playlists and desktop backgrounds. These grab your viewers' attention without costing money on your part. Plus, you won't have to ship products.

Promote Your Customers

Celebrating your customers makes them feel valued, increasing their loyalty to your business. You'll also get to know each other, which will help you understand your demographic and tailor your products and services. Other followers see your promotions and realize how much you value your customers. They'll shop from your business so they can join in.

To promote your customers, you could invite them to share pictures of your products on social media. Ask their permission to share pictures on your business's social media account. This creates free content for you and helps the customer gain followers, which benefits both parties.

Share Memes

Thug Life Sunglasses meme

Most people stop scrolling when they see a meme. Periodically, share memes on your page to make followers laugh and create a relatable image. Ask the creator for permission or leave their name on the post, so they don't feel like you're stealing their content. You could also create original memes and add your business's watermark.

Don't share memes too often--you might gain followers, but they'll assume that your account is a meme repository instead of a business page. As a result, you'll attract an audience that probably won't buy your products. Additionally, memes are a little unprofessional and don't have the same branding as the rest of your content.

Wrapping Up

Writing engaging content can be challenging at first, but building a content calendar and writing informative posts come naturally over time. Once you've gained momentum, you can start focusing on other tasks, such as ordering paid promotions and hiring graphic designers.

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