Small Business Guide to the Best Gmail Productivity Apps


Steve Thompson

Mar 13, 2021


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These days many professionals spend countless hours working on a computer yet still don't have time to keep up with emails, even when devoting a quarter of their time reading them. Business opportunities can be lost when an email account lingers in a chaotic mix of spam and buried messages. Luckily there are tools available to keep email from becoming overwhelming. Here are some of the best Gmail productivity apps for making workflows more efficient.

Gmail Extensions‍

GSuite Apps

Google offers two online places to upgrade Gmail functionality: the G Suite Marketplace and the Chrome Web Store. These resources provide various add-ons to enhance the Gmail experience. While the former offers server-side apps such as Docs and Sheets, the latter provides extensions for the Chrome browser such as ad blockers and to-do lists. Users, however, must assume all security risks when using Google apps.

There are various Gmail add-ons to choose from for boosting productivity. Gmelius, for example, is a valuable collaboration tool that provides a shared inbox. Right Inbox for Gmail is another helpful app that allows people to set reminders for replying to emails or scheduling them to be sent later. Meanwhile, Boomerang is a practical Gmail extension for sending mass emails.

Zoom for Gmail is a popular add-on for businesses that conduct video conferences. This app can supplement a Zoom account to start a Zoom meeting within the Gmail interface. Accessing a video conference inside Gmail is easy and provides a high-quality experience with user-friendly tools that allow for seamless communication with coworkers. This platform makes it easy to conduct webinars and training sessions.

Dropbox for Gmail‍

Many people use Dropbox as a free file-sharing service that makes it easy to send big files through the cloud. Dropbox for Gmail is an extension and storage service that allows users to organize, store and transfer files and folders online quickly. This platform also makes it easy to store and access attachments.


A simple way to create work assignment cards that describe tasks for employees can be achieved with Trello. This app allows users to move email content to a card quickly. It simply involves opening the email, clicking a Trello button, then selecting a destination board and list. These cards help confirm due dates, plans, and job descriptions to staff members.



One of the best Gmail productivity apps is Banatag, which is designed for business and personal use. It tracks whether recipients are opening emails, which is valuable information for adjusting priorities on lead targeting. Analysts receive notifications sent through email when someone on the tracking list opens an email. Furthermore, it helps cut wasted time and energy pursuing unresponsive prospects.


Now that hackers are constantly targeting businesses, it's essential to use extra protection layers for email. SecureGmail is an app that sends encrypted emails, which are very difficult for even the savviest hackers to unscramble. It's an essential app for businesses that want to share confidential information such as proprietary trade secrets through email.

Gmail Snooze‍

Sometimes when going through email, it's impossible to respond to all the crucial inquiries in one day. Gmail Snooze is an app that lets users temporarily remove certain emails from their inbox while they deal with more important emails. Then the removed emails reappear at a later scheduled time. It's an effective way to prioritize email without letting semi-important messages get lost in the shuffle.


Efficient use of search tools, including email, helps a worker become more productive. CloudMagic is an app that allows users to sort through and prioritize the most critical emails quickly. The search box appears in the upper right corner of the page and helps the user find bits and pieces of information within an email conversation.


One way to deal with email recipients who seem unresponsive is to use this app to create polite follow-up messages. These emails can be scheduled for transmission on a specific date after a certain amount of time has elapsed. The basic version allows users to send out 25 free reminders per month.


This app helps develop stronger relationships with online customers. It shows up as a sidebar in Gmail and gives the user easy access to contacts set up with an image and brief personal details such as city and occupation. Links can be added to social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn so that the employee has multiple ways of reaching the customer.


Setting up tasks can be complex, but this tool makes it easy. It helps workers keep tasks organized with all the necessary information in one convenient place. Instead of searching through a big stack of emails or opening multiple tabs at once to find task instructions, this solution makes it easy to keep track of assignments and distribute the information to workers.‍

A common form of spam is a request to subscribe to a free newsletter. While many of these marketing offers might be a waste of time, some might stand out as useful for a particular company. This app makes it easy to organize and manage newsletter subscriptions, as the user can quickly delete subscriptions that aren't being tapped. The tool provides a list of subscriptions, in which each one can be clicked to block future messages from the company.

‍The Swizzle‍

For more profound issues that involve reducing marketing spam, The Swizzle is an app that lets users unsubscribe from services that contribute to email clutter. It can consolidate chosen messages into one big customized email that contains relevant promotions.

Checker Plus

Checker Plus‍

Another common issue with email clutter arises from having multiple email accounts. An efficient way to manage multiple accounts is Checker Plus, which lets users label and monitor prioritized email. The user is notified with alerts that can be read by a virtual assistant out loud. It's an excellent tool for enhancing customer service.

Mail Timer for Gmail‍

Sometimes workers spend too much time on one email, partly why they fall behind on staying up-to-date on messages. This app provides a timer that lets the user know when it's time to move on to the following email. The user can set the timer for their needs.


One of the primary uses of automation software these days is to repeat redundant tasks quicker and more accurately than manual labor. It's possible, for example, to send out thousands of personalized emails using email marketing software.

Understanding the available tools to increase productivity at work is part of a broader sustainability solution strategy. When increasing output is achieved at lower costs, the company boosts its profit margin. Staying focused on the warmest leads has helped many firms rise above the bottleneck problems caused by spam and big data.

Studying the best Gmail productivity apps gives you options for improving your operations. Letting workers get sidetracked with a high volume of emails all day is usually not as productive as prioritizing the most critical communications and goals. These apps help get work done without workers spending too much time sorting through endless spam.

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