Refine Your Hotel’s Facebook Strategy with Page Insights


Renee Radia

Sep 16, 2013


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Social Media

As hotels begin realizing the importance of online marketing, they are also starting to see how social media fits into the big picture. Social media creates a community around your hotel’s brand. It also acts as a customer service outlet and provides a place to showcase your property and its accomplishments. It also can have an impact on where your property shows up on Google. To increase direct bookings, hotels must appear as high as possible on Google. Social media marketing will only help this process.‍

Marketing with social media can be relatively low-cost, which is perfect for independent or boutique hotels without some of the same resources as prominent brand name properties. There are many tools available that can help make the most of your hotel’s social media strategy. The release of Facebook’s Graph Search brought enhanced Page Insights to brand pages. While there are unlimited data to be studied in there, there are a couple of new tools included that can be especially useful if applied correctly.‍

When Your Fans Are Online

The When Your Fans Are Online tab is accessed under Page Insights in the admin tab, and then under Posts. The top stat shows the average number of fans who saw your Facebook posts per day of the week. Take note of these numbers and see why one day had more views than another. Was the content you posted that day the most relevant to your fans? Make sure you understand how many engagements and interactions that specific post received as well.

Below that, Times shows the average number of fans who saw your posts per hour. This can give you insight into the best time to post content to your page. Applying this data can be a great way to take advantage of organic traffic. This is especially true if your budget is small and you aren’t utilizing Promoted Posts. If the majority of your fans tend to be online at 3 pm, it makes no sense to post a photo the moment that you clock into work. If you come into work on a Monday and post a photo right when you log into your computer, it might be time to switch up your routine.

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Best Post Types

The next tab to notice is Best Post Types. The data supplied shows the various types of content posted and what the average engagement is in each kind. This data was available on Facebook’s Insights before the recent changes, but it needed to be inferred as it was not displayed as clearly as it is now. In travel, photos generally resonate the most with fans, but it is still worth looking to see what types of content receive the most engagement and what kinds of engagement. Do the links you post receive a lot of clicks, but not as many likes, comments, or shares? If so, try refining your content strategy into something more relevant to your fans.

Content types

Click around the other tabs under Page Insights to see what other analytics might be useful to you. If you’re not taking advantage of the breakdown of your fan demographics, you are missing out. You never know how your social media strategy can evolve based on who your fans are! There is indeed a lot of paid data available out there, but there is also a lot of low-cost and free data as well that hotels need to be utilizing. Make the most of what you have!

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