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Shelly Cochran

Dec 15, 2021


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Everyone says that your hotel’s social media marketing has to be on point. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are how to reach and interact with potential guests to promote your hotel. But do you know what this looks like? Your questions regarding hotel-related social posts -- answered.

The Stats Do Not Lie: Live Videos and Photos Work!

Woman at the hotel pool doing live video

Americans are eager to travel again. A recent OTA poll from Booking revealed that 24% of respondents would like to visit less frequented destinations, while 26% are looking for independent hotels. These are possible hotel guests who need to see what you have to offer.

Therefore, your marketing campaign might include an array of locally-focused approaches.

  • Hashtags work - Which are the main highlights of your location? What is a unique event that draws guests? Place lots of photos on your website and social media with the right trending hashtags. It puts your information in front of people who are searching the tags.
  • Local restaurants - Forge a connection with a local restaurant and become the guide who informs travelers about the dishes and events the eatery hosts on social media.
  • Embrace the season - There is always a holiday to enjoy -- even the obscure ones. Holiday-related posts make excellent posts with hashtags and search engine optimization (SEO). It could get you in front of customers who might not even have thought of traveling before they saw your information.
  • LinkedIn for business travel - If you host business travelers or have the amenities to support them, create a LinkedIn social media strategy that highlights this aspect of your customer service.
  • Respond to your critics - Bad reviews can become exceptional social media posts. Acknowledge mistakes and show what you did to correct them. Everyone loves a success story.

Diversify Your Content on Each Social Network

People planning content strategy with sticky notes

You already know that LinkedIn appeals to a specific demographic. The same goes for all social media sites. So, why do so many hotels and resorts take shortcuts by posting the same pictures and messages to all platforms? There are plenty of avenues to take with different engagement patterns. One size never fits all, and if you take advantage of this knowledge, it can be a tremendous boost for your social media presence.

For example, on Twitter, you might give a shoutout to different employees and link back to a more comprehensive post profiling each of these people. Facebook is fantastic for sharing about your loyalty program. Showcase happy guests getting their freebies. Of course, whether you are focusing on YouTube content for special events or blog articles about the area, you need someone who understands your brand tone and makes it fun. Hiring a writer or social media marketing agency could be exactly what you need.

Another aspect of your social media strategy must be engagement with your audience. Post quizzes, host contests, have local trivia events, and engage with hotel-related social posts your guests publish. It is excellent practice to retweet your guests’ happy vacation pictures. This level of engagement also means answering questions or replying to comments social media users leave.

Keep in mind that you need to be consistent once you begin posting social media content. It turns users away when you post every once in a blue moon. Even if you do not have anything informative to say, post shareable photos that highlight the essence of your brand. This means focusing on experiences, while for others, it is a chance to underscore the luxury aspect of their properties.

Focus On a Cohesive Brand Voice That the Personality of Your Property

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Gorgeous vacation photos on social media platforms are ubiquitous. Everyone is familiar with the sight of white beaches, clear blue water, and palm trees. However, if you are operating a hotel in this setting, what makes you stand out? The answer, which is excellent for branded hashtag use, is personality.

Brand-focused posts on social media channels that allow personality to shine can take several forms.

  • Appeal to the leisure and business traveler by showing the view of the pool from the business services desk.
  • Brag about your four-legged guests (if you are a pet-friendly venue).
  • Court influencers by inviting them to a hotel-specific challenge, such as relaxing from dawn to dusk in a poolside cabana.
  • Connect with local travel guides to present blogs about the city and its attractions.
  • Have a karaoke night that expressly targets locals and has plenty of photos.
  • Focus on local highlights and your venue’s relationship to them; it gives would-be guests an understanding of where you are.

How to Focus Social Media Marketing for Hotels

Social Media apps

In a perfect world, you should promote your property everywhere. Do you have the time or staff to create meaningful social media posts on multiple platforms consistently? If not, it makes sense to tailor your social media marketing strategies to the most viable platforms that will bring you success.

For example, Facebook is the one platform everyone should be on. Because it assigns pages to companies, it is in your best interest to claim yours. Here, you can post videos, reviews, special offers, and a world of content. Twitter is more for the content creator who lives in the moment. If it has an expiration date, you want to put it on Twitter.

Instagram is ground zero for visual content. Users who visit the site want to see continually updated hotel-related social posts. Pinterest is also photo-centric, but it is more geared toward travelers who plan a perfect vacation. The difference between Instagram and Pinterest is similar to window-shopping and check-writing. To this end, do not overlook the effectiveness of a hashtag for small business reels!

Speaking of hashtags, do not forget to take advantage of the various options open to you. In addition to the branded hashtag, which should accompany all images and posts, there are the location-based options, general use hashtags such as “love” or “weekend,” and the object-focused ones that might include “lunch” or “hash browns.”

How Do You Get There?

While some argue that it takes a large marketing budget to make this type of social media engagement happen, you can achieve this goal with a focused campaign. As you can see, it is all about using social media for compelling story-telling and lead generation. If you need help, get in touch with us today.

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