Brick-and-Mortar Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses


Nicole Cruz

Feb 8, 2021


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Digital marketing opened up virtual doors for businesses to sell online. As business owners put up their online storefront, there’s another avenue of digital marketing that can attract customers to visit physical stores. Yes, it is still possible to market brick and mortar businesses successfully, and even more so, in this day and age. When combined with conventional marketing methods, entrepreneurs can maximize the results and return on investment (ROI).

What does it take for a local business to succeed? This post will discover several good digital and traditional brick and mortar marketing strategies that you can apply to launch your business into a success. Using these tips, you can drive foot traffic, boost sales, and increase brand awareness for your brick and mortar location.

Brick And Mortar Marketing Strategies You Should Apply

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Utilize local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies‍

SEO isn’t only for web-based businesses that can sell their products and services anywhere. It has never been more crucial to use SEO to drive potential customers to your local business, as many rely on the world wide web to find information about stores nearby.

Here are some useful local SEO tips you can employ for your brick-and-mortar marketing strategy:

  1. Use specific location-based keywords for written web content: When creating searchable content such as blog posts and landing pages for your website, make sure to use location-rich keywords. For example, if your children’s boutique is located in Las Vegas, you can use naturally placed keywords such as “children clothes shop Las Vegas” in your written content. SEO experts usually know what location-based keywords are most searched and relevant to your business.
  2. Placing SEO keywords in video descriptions, alt texts, and podcast transcriptions: These types of text are quite different from other web content in the sense that many people overlook them. Additionally, potential customers who rely on narrated content need these text descriptions to navigate their mobile devices or desktop computers. Thus, it is also essential to add the same keywords as you create high-quality video posts, audio transcriptions, or image descriptions.
  3. Creating high-quality local-based content that plugs in your business: Another way you can get creative with local SEO is by finding relevant searchable topics based in your city or community. For example, if you own a local restaurant in downtown Little Rock, AR, you can create content about “things to do in downtown Little Rock, AR,” which plugs in your business as a place to visit.

Make sure to register in online and in-person directories‍

Directories are a way for both new and longstanding businesses to be known within a particular area. You can list your business in your city’s yellow pages and the chamber of commerce directory, as well as claiming or creating your Google My Business page.

For your brick-and-mortar marketing strategy, some benefits of getting into directories include:

  1. Narrowing down your customer’s search through categories: Some directories, listings, and yellow pages are categorized based on services or products. During your customer’s search, there will be less noise, confusion, and even competition when making your brick and mortar business stand out.
  2. Highlighted searches: Web features such as a Google My Business listing will highlight your business in the search results when a user tries to find a company similar to yours. It will be easier to get leads or potential customers when people use these directory’s affiliated search engines.

Offer in-store promotions in your email marketing‍

Woman hands with a tablet sending an email campaign

A great way to make your brick and mortar store flourish is by growing your email list and giving offers exclusively for in-store purchases. For example, you can offer discounts, buy one take one promotion, or freebies when people go to your physical store. Grocery stores often have coupons that they provide as a print-out from the email or a QR code to scan when people visit a nearby branch.

Alternatively, you can also use these offers to increase subscriptions in your email list. When people visit your website, you can have a pop-up sign-up form to get these discounts and freebies in exchange for their email.

Participate or hold events - There are two main ways you can try to do events:

Traditional marketing‍

Booth at a convention

Are you hoping to increase the foot traffic within your store? You can leverage participating in your community’s special events. If an upcoming fair, concert, or bazaar is opening doors for store booths, this is a great way to spread the word about your business. Renting out a booth and offering your products or services can not only earn you an extra profit but increases the number of people becoming aware of your business.

Alternatively, you can also have self-hosted events. An example is holding big sales during holiday seasons. Huge sale days attract customers, especially when you make your signs mostly visible from your storefront. Store events like these are useful in bringing a flock of customers and helps in the word-of-mouth phenomenon.

Digital marketing‍

You can also use online events to reel in the face to face businesses. An example is holding informational or Q&A webinars for people thinking of using your services. This will help high-ticket sales because it will clear up hesitations about purchasing your products and services. You can go for pre-recorded or live webinars, depending on your preferences.

Another way to hold online events is sale announcements for your physical store. You can post on social media, blogs or get featured in online publications to announce events for your brick and mortar location.

Build relationships through value‍

Marketing Funnel drawing - Content - Marketing - Profit

Inbound marketing is a vital tool for brick and mortar businesses. This means creating curated content and offers which are meant for your target audience. As you find an inbound marketer to be a part of your team, you can drastically improve customer relationships with the wealth of information you provide.

You may be wondering, how does this help in getting more customers for your physical store? You can have a call-to-action (CTA) that includes visiting your brick and mortar location by creating intentional content.

Traditional marketing strategies can also be integrated with these inbound relationship-building principles. You can train employees to ask intentional questions or find consultants to advise on products that best match your customers’ needs.

Building The Foundation To Your Success: Combining Digital and Traditional‍

The digital advancements in marketing do not have to interfere with your brick and mortar store’s success. They should be supplemental, and a part of your foundation as your physical location thrives.

To get the best out of your brick-and-mortar marketing strategy, remember to maximize your business listings, apply local SEO, build relationships, and hold events. Learn more about how our experts at E-Marketing Associates can help.

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