Three Qualities Every Hotel Website Should Have

June 5, 2019
mobile friendly website
Don't miss the opportunity to stand out from your competition. Learn what the top qualities are in a hotel website.
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Creating an Aesthetically Appealing Instagram in 2018

February 16, 2018
aestheticallyCreating an Aesthetically Appealing Instagram in 2018
Instagram is no longer a social media channel you can ignore, and if your’e like most you are always on the hunt for how you can make your photos and feed better and more appealing. Learn how to create an aesthetically appealing Instagram in 2018!
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Google AdWords Geo Targeting for Hotels Get More Walk-In Business

February 6, 2018
setting up radius targeting in adowrds
Looking for more transient business for your hotel? Well, I might just have the answer for you. It comes in the form of a 10 minute time investment in AdWords.
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Mobile SEO for Hotels: How to Dominate the SERPS

October 1, 2017
meeting room
If you look at our industry blogs, you will hear the same chatter when it comes to mobile SEO. This chatter is only looking at a few factors.
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Facebook’s 8 Tips for Taking Great Photos

September 1, 2017
Facebook’s 8 Tips for Taking Great Photos
Facebook offers a list of 8 tips for taking photos. Learn about each one today!
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Using WhatsApp to Engage With Your Guests

July 20, 2017
With WhatsApp, engage with your guests faster and better than ever before!
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Is Your Hotel Live? Can It Benefit From This New Feature?

June 1, 2017
going live with social media
Several social media platforms, in particular Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have rolled out a “live” feature. Learn to use it for your hotel!
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Are you SoLoMo? Your Competitors are!

February 27, 2017
Smartphone apps icons
So, why should hoteliers be SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile)? A successful marketing campaign in today’s high tech world requires...
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3 Tips For Creating Your Best Hotel Mobile Website

June 30, 2016
drinking coffee and checking phone
Everywhere you go, you see people on their phones. Almost everything nowadays is done on mobile devices, and...
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Give Hotel Guests What They Are Looking For At First Glance

November 21, 2013
two people hugging their laptops
By making a great first impression, your hotel will, in turn, have better reviews and generate more bookings in the future. Here are some effective ways in which to entice an online visitor to book with your hotel.
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Go Mobile: Create an App for Your Hotel Business

July 15, 2013
someone using an app on a phone
Go beyond only making a mobile version of your hotel’s website for mobile marketing, and consider mobile app creation.
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Maximizing Hotel Revenue in the World of Many Screens

May 17, 2013
many different screens
After reading three articles on the advancement of multiple device interaction in the hospitality industry, it became clear that hoteliers need to assist guests in accomplishing their goals.
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5 Key Components to a Hotel’s Mobile Website

August 10, 2012
e-marker mobile site stats
Since mobile is undoubtedly here to stay, hoteliers are investing more than ever before into their mobile sites. What are they doing?
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Hotel Not Embracing Mobile Advertising Are Missing

March 12, 2012
embrace mobile
We all know by now mobile is the future and shows no signs of slowing down. Having a mobile-ready website is a necessity and not an option.
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