Call-To-Action Buttons Boost Sales

June 13, 2020
Hand pressing a button - Call-To-Action Buttons Boost Sales
Do you want to dramatically increase your website conversions? It's possible if you have the right call-to-action buttons. Use this guide to show you how.

Measure ROI on Marketing Spend

February 2, 2020
How to Measure ROI on Marketing Spend
To effectively measure ROI on marketing spend, you should first focus on the goals that matter most. Here are some common goal statements that you can help you.

Create Your Holiday Campaigns

August 30, 2019
creating a holiday campaign
Summer’s over, and your business is probably coming down from the summer rush as everyone heads back to school and work. Now is the time to create.

Market to Specific Customer Segments

September 24, 2018
figuring out customer segments
These search behavior cues will help you market to your specific target audience and help you deliver a more personalized experience for each of your guests.

Persuade Travelers to Book Direct

November 1, 2016
arrows pointing up
Here are three marketing tactics to implement immediately if you want to encourage travelers to book direct. All of them are fairly easy to implement.

Boosting Your Conversion Rate

October 7, 2016
increasing revenue
Follow these five simple steps to boost your site’s conversion rate and be well on your way to driving more direct bookings. Read more here.

Your Hotel Website Isn’t Converting

July 22, 2016
website on computer and a cup of coffee
Your goal should be producing more “Qualified” traffic that converts. Here are 3 signs your website isn’t converting and actionable ways to fix them.

Content that Will Convert

May 9, 2016
person writing content on laptop
When it comes to deciding to redesign your hotel’s website, many hoteliers focus on the aesthetics and put little emphasis on improving their hotel’s story.

Increasing Your Conversion Rate

September 18, 2015
upward trend graph
In this day and age, everyone is spending a good portion of their time surfing the internet, so having a website for your hotel is a necessity.

The Benefits of a Cloud Based PMS

March 25, 2015
the cloud
Independent hotels have to wear many hats to ensure their hotels are operating properly, but this workload can often come at a cost.

Booking Engine Impact Conversions

June 13, 2014
travel shopper
Let’s face it—converting a looker into a booker goes beyond having a beautiful website, it’s about properly merchandising your guest-rooms.

Improve Hotel Website Conversions

April 24, 2014
woman looking happily at her reservation
Getting direct bookings through your hotel's website is a constant battle, one in which often leads to defeat rather than success.
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