B2B Sales Process Best Practices

August 28, 2022
B2B Sales Process Best Practices - B2B Blocks
Small business owners know that effective sales strategies are important to any growth process. Use these B2B sales process best practices guide to boost your sales.

B2B Lead Gen for Small Business

November 17, 2021
B2B Lead Generation for Small Business - Magnet attracting people
If you're struggling to make your sales quotas, employing the right B2B Lead Generation for Small Business strategy can help boost your sales.

Business to Business Social Selling

November 6, 2021
B2B Social Selling vs Social Media Marketing
Sales professionals confuse B2B social selling with social media marketing. Contextual participation practically shuns direct product sales, which is a good thing.

B2B & B2C Social Selling Basics

September 6, 2021
B2B & B2C Social Selling Basics
Now that social media has become part of widespread business norms, it's important to understand the distinctions between B2B and B2C social selling.

Ideas to Improving Customer Service

February 27, 2020
Top Ideas for Improving Customer Service at Your Business
An in-depth guide with great ideas for improving customer service. Includes creative ways that businesses can use to cultivate memorable customer experiences.

Email Tips On Time Management

February 23, 2020
Increase Productivity: Email Tips for Time Management
If you follow these email tips for time management you can spend less time refreshing your inbox, and more time tackling your important daily tasks and projects

Increase Social Media Engagement

February 11, 2020
How to increase social media engagement in five easy steps
Do you have a large number of followers, but very little engagement or interactions, such as likes, comments, and shares across your social networks?

Tips to launch a new product

February 7, 2020
Tips to Launch a New Product in the Market
New products are always fun in the ideation phase, but when it comes to planning a new product marketing launch, businesses need to be as strategic as possible.

Measure ROI on Marketing Spend

February 2, 2020
How to Measure ROI on Marketing Spend
To effectively measure ROI on marketing spend, you should first focus on the goals that matter most. Here are some common goal statements that you can help you.

Tips To Improve User Review Scores

January 28, 2020
how to improve business reviews
If you want to know how to improve your business reviews, take note of these tips. Sometimes, reviews can be the final decision-making process.

Want More "Word of Mouth" Referrals?

January 13, 2020
getting more word of mouth marketing
People underestimate the power of "Word of Mouth" as a marketing strategy. Learn how to raise awareness of your brand with some of these steps.

Tips To Increase User Reviews

January 8, 2020
how to increase your business reviews
Reviews can influence how consumers perceive a company or product. Use these tips to get more reviews so you can stand out from your competitors.

How to Write a 1 Page Marketing Plan

January 3, 2020
one page marketing strategy
Use this guide as a roadmap to writing an effective marketing plan. It can be tough, but it's useful and can make or break your business.

Ways Inaccurate Listings Hurt Hotels

May 24, 2019
red car in front of beautiful hotel
You could be missing out on potential clients because somewhere online your address and phone number are completely inaccurate.

Tips To Enhance Guest Experience

August 15, 2018
men laughing over a joke
If guest services is your weakest link, you might want to go back to the drawing board when it comes to your hotel's priorities.

Create A Better Experience For Users

July 9, 2018
designing a website
As a business owner, you want your website to generate revenue, but converting visitors into customers is not always easy. Find out what you can do here.

Custom Alerts in Google Analytics

May 30, 2018
analytics dashboard
Are you looking for a simple guide on how to set up alerts? This isn't it. If you are looking for some alerts to keep an eye on things, this article is for you.

Hotel Business Plan for Success

March 8, 2018
box with business plan on white background
If you are going to get in on this action, you need to ensure that your hotel stays in the black. You could be getting customers, but at what cost?

What is a SKAG?

August 4, 2017
person typing on a computer with question mark background
They days of targeting a broad match keyword like “hotels in LA” are over. Advertising is now granular. What are you doing to pass up the competition?

Books to Help Hoteliers

June 1, 2017
stack of books
These 8 books will help you market your hotel this year! If you read just 25 pages every day, you will be able to develop a better marketing strategy!

Google Alerts

May 19, 2017
kid using magnifying glass to look at floor
Google is fantastic, aren't they? They provide a bunch of valuable tools for free, and if you know how to harness them, they can be very powerful for business.

Leisure and Business Travel

February 8, 2017
simplifying rift
What do travelers look for when they shop for a hotel? Well, that depends on the type of trip they plan. Is their trip business or leisure related?

Change TripAdvisor Profile Ownership

July 28, 2016
tripadvisor logo
Reviews on TripAdvisor can make or break a hotel's chance when it comes to a guest booking a room. This is where Reputation Management come into play.

Creating Your Hotel Mobile Website

June 30, 2016
drinking coffee and checking phone
Please don’t be lazy by thinking you can take your desktop website and turn it into a good mobile website. Find out what else you can do to improve your site.

Hotel’s Instagram Caption

June 19, 2016
frustrated social user
Getting the right photo is vital, you’re about 89% there. To ensure that your post gets the most views, your hotel’s Instagram caption needs to be #OnPoint.

A Pinterest Checklist for Success

April 10, 2016
Whether your hotel currently uses Pinterest or you are looking to improve your current strategy, here is a Pinterest Checklist for success.

Build a Content Calendar

November 10, 2015
content calendar
One of the goals of having a content calendar is to plan your content ahead of time. That way you can maintain the flow at which you publish your posts.

Using Long Tail Keywords

November 3, 2015
tablet and keyboard on google search
It is known that the higher you rank, the higher the possibility that a traveler will book directly at your site. See how long-tail keywords can benefit you.

Semantic Search Is The Future of SEO

October 27, 2015
google under the magnifying glass
This change is based on the advancement of search culture. People know exactly what they’re looking for, and they’re going to search for just that.

Increasing Your Conversion Rate

September 18, 2015
upward trend graph
In this day and age, everyone is spending a good portion of their time surfing the internet, so having a website for your hotel is a necessity.

Pinterest Board Ideas for Your Hotel

September 14, 2015
pool on hillside
Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media channels. Here are some Pinterest board ideas that hotels can benefit from.

Shooting Better Videos

September 8, 2015
person shooting video
Hotels that present fantastic video content on their websites & social media have a better chance of getting traffic & increasing their direct booking numbers.

Best Types of Videos for Marketing

August 27, 2015
video camera pointing at screen
Your videos should tell a story about your hotel. People that feel a connection with your hotel are more likely to book a room.

Start Using Instagram for your Hotel

August 17, 2015
instagram picture of hotel room
Instagram is a social channel that allows users to express their creativity with the flexibility to edit and filter images. Why should hotels use Instagram?

Send Longer Direct Messages

August 13, 2015
typing twitter message on laptop
Social Media has become a key customer service tool for hotels in the past few years. Twitter now makes it easier to communicate through direct messages.

Positively affect Direct Bookings

August 6, 2015
There are numerous digital marketing tools available for hoteliers to effectively promote their properties. One of these useful tools is the hotel blog.

Why Video Marketing is Important

July 3, 2015
youtube play button
There is countless marketing research revealing the popularity and impact of video. Here are a few stats that show why video marketing is vital for hotels.

Influence the Booking Decision

June 24, 2015
shopping cart on top of a laptop
Here are 3 powerful ways you can capture an interaction, drive engagement and create opportunity to follow-up with a consumer during the booking process.

Responding to Reviews

June 17, 2015
responding to reviews on laptop
Aside from major review sites, hoteliers should be monitoring reviews left on their social channels. Here is some advice from Google on how to handle responses.

The Power Of SEO Keywords

June 4, 2015
google home page
There are many ways to incorporate keywords into your copy. Keywords aren’t just random phrases that are placed into your content.

Business Travelers In 2015

April 8, 2015
silhouette of person talking on phone
Business travelers are all about efficiency, so it is the hotelier’s responsibility to ensure that the guest is taken care of and that everything runs smoothly.

Social Post Ideas for Hotels

December 29, 2014
social media post ideas
A common mistake many hoteliers make is using social media solely for self-promotion, which is an easy way to drive away fans.

Benefits of Flexible Cancellation

December 24, 2014
cancel button
When plans change or the unforeseen happens, there are few options available for the guest. Here is how smart hoteliers can use this to their advantage.

Differences on Business & Leisure

October 6, 2014
business vs leisure travel holding briefcase
To have a successful business, it is crucial to understand the needs and wants of your customers. Find out what they are looking for in this article.

Creating an Immersive Experience

September 24, 2014
people enjoying their trip
Some travelers are looking for a more immersive experience from their hotel as soon as they book. But what does a more immersive experience look like?

Top Amenities Family Travelers Want

June 10, 2014
hotel amenities
Does your hotel host a lot of families? If so, you will want to be sure that your hotel is offering key amenities that these travelers desire.

Increase Occupancy in Low Periods

May 16, 2014
hotel occupancy check in
Before deciding on what you will offer at your hotel during need periods, you will need to identify the following market areas to get the best ROI.

Blueprint for Decisions and Results

May 9, 2014
big data all seeing eye
The term ‘Big Data’ has been a trendy buzzword used among marketers and other professionals for the past few years. So what exactly does the

Secure Your Guest Information

May 7, 2014
blue lock
What happens when a guest's identity gets stolen, and the leak can be traced back to your hotel? Those reviews are going to have a much more damaging effect.

Provide Better Customer Service

April 28, 2014
teamwork makes the dreamwork
Here are a few easy ways that hotels can provide better social customer service immediately. Implement these and see guest satisfaction skyrocket.

How Can Flip.to Benefit Your Hotel

February 6, 2014
Flip.to is a platform that helps hotels gain exposure and create buzz through their current guests. It uses technology that ties to the booking process.

Responding to a Negative Review

January 15, 2014
Writing a Response
If customers notice that your hotel cares enough to address any issues guests have had, it will give them confidence in choosing your hotel.

Hootsuite to Monitor Online Reviews

December 17, 2013
reputology on hootsuite
Many hoteliers are already using HootSuite to manage various social media accounts, so adding online reviews to the mix is both convenient and helpful.

The Modern Day Traveler

November 27, 2013
computer, maps, coffee
To effectively implement a hotel marketing strategy that works, hoteliers must understand today’s traveler by getting to know your guests.

6 Recommendations from Google

November 15, 2013
hotel reviews
Before you begin responding to reviews, you should review Google’s 6 recommendations. There is a wealth of information here regarding reviews.

The Hotel Experience Begins Online

November 1, 2013
hotel website on mobile, tablet, desktop
What many hoteliers do not realize, is that the hotel experience begins before the guest steps foot on the property. It starts during the research process.

Earned Media for Hotels

October 30, 2013
hotel sign
Gaining earned media can mean putting in some time, but it will pay off when your hotel appears high organically. See what it's all about here.

Bypass the Travel Booking Sites

October 21, 2013
woman fighting the ota's
It's worthwhile to explore other online options that allow your hospitality business to get straight through to the customer.

Leave an Impression on Guests

October 14, 2013
hotel brands
Brand hotels tend to drive more traffic... but not necessarily more conversions. See what you can do to deliver a better impressions to your guests.

Guide to Improving Online Reviews

October 9, 2013
company standing together
Once you have addressed the concerns, it’s time for you to fix the problem – that’s where the real cleaning begins. See what you can do to improve your reviews.

LinkedIn Groups for Hotel Owners

October 7, 2013
independent hotel linkedin profile
Whether you are a marketer or an independent hotel owner, it is crucial to have useful, reliable contacts within your industry.

B2B Demand Generation Benchmarks

February 27, 2013
b2b demand generation
Business-to-business marketers will focus on in-house email marketing, social media, and especially referral/advocate marketing strategies in 2018.

Rise of Ambient Social Networking

March 16, 2012
social networking actions
There’s a new trend in social networking called ambient social networking. The possibilities for this are endless. Sharing without all the extra work!

Put a Face Behind Your Company

March 7, 2012
about us page for a website
With so many agencies, & online businesses emerging, it's difficult for your company to stand out. Try using these tactics to help humanize your company.
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