How to Build Repeat Business

March 5, 2020
This guide will show you how to build repeat business.
Retention is important for success. What are some tactics you can use to bring customers back, again and again? Learn how to build repeat business here.
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Want More "Word of Mouth" Referrals?

January 13, 2020
getting more word of mouth marketing
People underestimate the power of "Word of Mouth" as a marketing strategy. Learn how to raise awareness of your brand with some of these steps.
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Create Your Hotel Advertisement Slogan

December 24, 2018
hotel advertising
When choosing a hotel advertisement slogan, you want to create a phrase that will help you stand out from competitors and keep you top of mind for your customers.
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A Quick Beginners Guide to Creating Your 1st Facebook Ad

June 11, 2018
creating facebook ads
Here is the most straightforward and most basic guide to creating your first Facebook Ad. Follow this guide to get more business.
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Google Ads Intro for Hoteliers

January 8, 2016
person taking notes on Google Ads
If you are not familiar with how this system works, I will provide a brief rundown on the concept. Most ad platforms run off of the same basic premise.
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