Create Your Hotel Advertisement Slogan

December 24, 2018
hotel advertising
When choosing a hotel advertisement slogan, you want to create a phrase that will help you stand out from competitors.
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Exceptions to Facebook's 'No Text in Photo Ad' Rule

November 26, 2018
too much text in facebook ads
Here's how you can get your Facebook Ad approved with the photo containing text.
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The Quick Beginners Guide to Creating Your 1st Facebook Ad

June 11, 2018
creating facebook ads
Learn the basics of creating a Facebook ad in 2018.
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Quick Google AdWords Intro for Hoteliers

January 8, 2016
person taking notes on AdWords
Google’s been in paid search since October of 2000, and they aren’t going anywhere. They’ve held ground for so long because you can target the exact customers you want and you can quantify it.
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