Go SMS Pro for Android (Review)


David Sotelo

Apr 13, 2011


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A good text messaging application can be hard to come by. Smartphone users appreciate a good text messaging app that is simple to use, dependable, and has the features to make any hardcore texter happy. Go SMS Pro is a free application developed by a company called Go Dev Team for users of the Android operating system and has been standing out from the crowd. The crowd I am referring to mostly consists of either the Android’s stock application, Handcent, and ChompSMS. All of these have their strengths and weaknesses, but having used all of them, I must say that Go SMS Pro has become my go-to text messaging application.

Go SMS Pro’s most significant advantage is its user interface. It is user-friendly, and their theme selections are great. You have quite a variety to choose from, including an iPhone theme, DIY theme, Go theme, Dark theme, and the developer is good at providing seasonal and events items. The newest update added the option to change the performance of the app based on how fully loaded you want it. You have the pro version which gives you all the features of the application but can run a little more slowly. The normal mode is the original GO SMS version. It has all the necessary features most users will need, and there is also the lite mode, which is a slimmed-down version and runs the fastest. This brings me to what makes Go SMS my default text application, the customization. You have so many options to customize your text messages. It’s sometimes can seem like overkill. I guess it’s nice to have the choice, and Go Dev Team is pretty good at keeping the size of the application down. The user can customize the font, animation effects, language, time format, notifications, signatures, security settings and colors, contrast, backgrounds, and style of the message, to name a few.

Go SMS Pro is not without its faults. For example, now and then, I experience incorrect time stamping on individual text messages even after I have inputted the correct time adjustment offset. This is when the time of the text received is not the actual time. Overall, Go SMS Pro is a reliable short messaging service application that is backed up by a good development team that is prompt to address any problems and listen to their user reviews. I would pay for this application, but surprisingly enough, it is free to get on the Android app store. Download and start texting away.

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