Exceptions to Facebook's 'No Text in Photo Ad' Rule

November 26, 2018
too much text in facebook ads
Here's how you can get your Facebook Ad approved with the photo containing text.
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A Hotel Marketing Plan (With Promotions!)

October 17, 2018
people discussing a marketing plan
Creating an effective hotel marketing plan is no easy feat. If you're in need of some inspiration, this one-size-fits-all approach will help you get started.
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How Hotels Can Scope Out Fake Influencers

June 28, 2018
should my hotel work with an influencer
If you’re running a hotel or work in one, there’s no doubt that you’ve received a ton of emails and calls from “influencers” asking for a free stay. Here's how to distinguish beneficial influencers from fake influencers.
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The Quick Beginners Guide to Creating Your 1st Facebook Ad

June 11, 2018
creating facebook ads
Learn the basics of creating a Facebook ad in 2018.
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Using the AIDA Model in Your SEO Strategy

January 23, 2017
computer monitor
SEO is a process. Many bases need to be covered to be successful. Using this tried-and-true marketing principle can help facilitate this process.
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Email Automations That Will Delight Your Guests

December 8, 2016
laptop and computer mouse
Whenever you can get the help of automation you should at least give it a try. The things that marketers...
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3 Hotel PPC Campaigns To Get You Up & Running

November 17, 2016
adwords in scrabble letters
Hotel PPC campaigns can seem intimidating at first. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars if you’re not...
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Using Advertising Principles to Help Your Hotel’s Marketing

November 7, 2016
person typing on a laptop
You are presenting an ad to millions. Among them is a percentage, small or large, whom you hope to interest. Go after that percentage and try to strike the chord that responds.
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2016’s Top Trending SEO Strategies for Hotels

July 15, 2016
tablet and computer keyboard on google homepage
Hoteliers listen up! 2016 has come to the halfway mark and there are a few SEO trends you need to...
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Forget The 4 P’s Of Marketing For Hotels & Focus On The 3 I’s

May 9, 2016
two people discussing something at workstation
There are so many new ways to get customers to your business, but some good old fashioned marketing principles always seem to do the trick.
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How to Market Your Boutique Hotel

September 3, 2013
Service bell on front desk at hotel
The following guest blog post is written by our friend, Sam Peters, who discusses marketing for independent and boutique hotels.
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