Paid Search for Hotels: Target by Amenities on Google & Facebook

March 4, 2019
the marketing funnel
Breakfast included makes a big difference! From keywords to PPC campaigns, here’s how hotels can improve marketing ROI with paid search for hotels by amenities.
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Google AdWords Geo Targeting for Hotels Get More Walk-In Business

February 6, 2018
setting up radius targeting in adowrds
Looking for more transient business for your hotel? Well, I might just have the answer for you. It comes in the form of a 10 minute time investment in AdWords.
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Quickly Manage Your Account & Lower Cost With These 3 PPC Scripts

October 31, 2017
robot for automating scripts
This article helps you allocate time to your paid search accounts where it really matters. If you're spending too much on maintenance, how will you ever grow?
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DIY AdWords: Adding Negative Keywords

October 2, 2017
adding negative keywords
"Why am I spending so much on AdWords?" I get asked this question the most. Although there could be many issues, 1 simple fix usually does the trick.
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What is a SKAG, & Why Is It The Best Thing for You

August 4, 2017
person typing on a computer with question mark background
They days of targeting a broad match keyword like “hotels in LA” are over. Advertising is now granular. What are you doing to pass up the competition?
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How Are Your Hotel Ads Performing on AdWords?

July 1, 2017
person taking notes
Are your ads on AdWords targeting the right people? If you can't find an answer to that question, then you are in luck, because I have the answer.
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Dynamic Search Ads for Hotels; Are They for You?

September 8, 2016
taking notes on dynamic search ads
The purpose of this article isn’t to tell you how good DSA's might be, but rather show you that there are some caveats. I'll outline some of the most common in the hotel industry, & I'll let you know how to guard against them. Once you know the potential risks that are out there, you can make a more informed decision.
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A 2-Pronged Approach To Start Paid Search for Boutique Hotels

June 30, 2016
bands of money
What if I told you that there was a way that you could succeed in paid search for boutique hotels with a small budget? I’m not talking about overnight success. I'm talking about getting some ppc traction for your non-brand hotel. Let’s call it the safest way possible to test the waters. So what is this technique?
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Google AdWords Update Strengthens Case for Location Marketing

April 25, 2016
location markers
Research from Google suggests that 60% of customers will use the information contained in AdWords extensions to contact your hotel. If your hotel makes use of the AdWords location extension, they can expect to see an increase in website visits. All of this by just adding 1 simple extension!
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6 In-Depth AdWords Resources for Hoteliers

April 23, 2016
side of a brick building
Competing with others in today’s fast-paced business environment is hard—especially for hotel owners. With the introductions of the...
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3 Powerful Ways Hoteliers Can Influence the Booking Decision

June 24, 2015
shopping cart on top of a laptop
Here are 3 powerful ways you can capture an interaction, drive engagement and create opportunity to follow-up with a consumer during the booking process.
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