How to Delegate Without Losing Control

January 23, 2020
effective delegation techniques
Becoming a strong leader takes negotiation skills. Implement these effective techniques to become a successful disciplined delegator.
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A Competitive Advantage Through Positive Customer Experience

October 22, 2019
block going from sad to happy
Are you interested in learning how creating a competitive advantage through positive customer experience can benefit your business? Click here for more.
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Don’t Forget Your Marketing Basics

August 19, 2019
marketing basics
This should probably be titled don’t forget your common sense basics because when you’re marketing, I think just stepping back and putting yourself in the customers’ shoes goes a long way.
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How to Get Started With Hotel Marketing for Beginners

May 13, 2019
woman taking marketing notes
We have put together a getting started guide to hotel marketing for independent hotels hoping to increase traffic to their website and grow their businesses.
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Top Mother's Day Hashtags for Instagram

May 1, 2019
Mother's Day Hashtags
The most popular mother's day hashtags on Instagram and beyond.
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Hotel Marketing Trends This Year

April 15, 2019
woman on her phone waiting for hotel room
Increase brand loyalty, improve guest experience, and get more direct bookings by implementing these hotel marketing trends.
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How You Can Make Sense of Hotel Search Engine Marketing

April 1, 2019
person doing research
Learn these crucial hotel search engine marketing strategies to drive more traffic and steadily increase your hotel bookings throughout the year.
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Is Your Hotel Website Designed For Success?

February 18, 2019
person engaging in the hotel design process
A practical guide to hotel web design. Go forth confidently in the competitive world of digital marketing, turning your website visitors into hotel guests.
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Hotels Can Learn from Millennials

February 1, 2019
group of people taking a selfie
As a hotel looking for more business, you need to able to adapt to your demographic. The demographic that is coming of age are Millennials.
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Rise of Robots in Social Media

January 24, 2019
The Rise of Robots in Social Media
There is one big issue that keeps arising in social media, robots. Although, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all have tried to get this problem under control it’s an ongoing issue that continues to this day and it might be affecting you.
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A New Year Means A New Marketing Strategy

January 12, 2019
writing down marketing notes
As hoteliers, we can agree that every year the end goal will be the same. Increase direct bookings and drive top-line revenue. But, every year is different. We have to establish new strategies.
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The 20 Top Trends in Hotel Marketing

November 26, 2018
marketing trends
Here are the 20 top trends in recent years for hotel marketing to boost customer engagement and loyalty, and drive greater awareness for your brand amongst consumers.
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Social Media Term Glossary for Beginners

August 27, 2018
Social Media Term Glossary for Beginners
The world of social media is constantly changing and with new updates every so often come new features and terms to know. Take a look at this beginner's guide of terms to know that are indispensable terms for anyone new to working with any form of social media.
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What We Are Reading This Week: 08/06/18

August 6, 2018
Whatever business you are in, it pays to keep up to date on the latest marketing news. In this weeks issue, we focus on hotel distribution on TripAdvisor, Restaurants marketing in the summer months, and helping you figure out how to rock content marketing.
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Customer Service for Hotels via Social Media

July 26, 2018
Customer Service for Hotels via Social Media
Customer service is a crucial aspect of any business, but have you ever thought about how it can affect your online presence?
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Understanding Bias in Online Reviews: A Guide for Businesses

May 15, 2018
In today’s society, one is unlikely to come across a person who doesn’t consult online opinions before making a purchase. Online reviews have become a deciding factor when purchasing a product or service. If you have enough reviews, it could seriously affect your business in one way or another.
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Website Marketing : 3 Common Heuristics

March 24, 2017
tangled web of nerves
What comes to mind when you want to improve digital reach & bring in new customers? Would you be surprised if I suggested heuristics?
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3 Email Tips To Help Grow Your Business

December 5, 2016
computer tablet keyboard
There are companies that use email to engage with their customers for branding purposes. There are many companies that use it to drive revenue. There are hotels that use it to help in their customer service. As you can see, there are many use cases. Knowing which route you want to go is the first step to get started.
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Why You Should Use Holiday eCards for Marketing

November 30, 2016
holiday greeting ecards
Sending and receiving holiday cards has been an American tradition for decades, and in the digital...
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5 Hotel SEO Enhancements

October 30, 2016
person holding SEO sign
The hotel industry is as competitive as it has ever been. There are book direct campaigns springing up left and...
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What You Should Know About Google 'Trips' App

September 21, 2016
planning a trip
This app is designed to take the stress out of planning your itinerary and providing travelers with easy access to information like things to do and see, which would be readily available to them through this app.
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3 Effective Strategies to Create Engagement

August 9, 2016
social media
Whether your hotel is already active on social media and are looking for new ways to connect with...
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Earned, Paid & Owned Media for Hotels

July 14, 2016
front desk
Improving a digital presence can be confusing. You know you need to be there, but there are so many places to be. Which is best for your hotel?
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Do Hotel Guests Reviews Really Matter?

May 18, 2016
pool on mountainside
In today’s internet-driven climate, more hotel guests can voice their opinions of your hotel in...
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Why Do Hotels Need Free Wi-Fi? Pt 2

March 27, 2016
computer next to wifi logo
If you missed our last post about “Why Do Hotels Need Free Wi-Fi?”, this is a follow up in addition to it. Find out the conclusion here.
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Why Do Hotels Need Free Wi-Fi?

March 11, 2016
free wifi zone logo
Hotels may ask themselves, do we need free Wi-Fi?”. If that’s the case, this article may help you get a better understanding.
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Six Ways to Market your Hotel during Holiday Season

December 9, 2015
christmas tree with lights
Inside are a few tactics hoteliers can use to create effective marketing strategies for the holidays on their websites, social media, and on-site at the hotel.
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How Your Hotel Can Improve Customer Service

July 24, 2015
customer service
Aside from the basics, here are a few ways to improve on that customer service to keep customers happy and satisfied at your hotel.
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The Power of A Hotel Concierge App

July 20, 2015
person using a phone
The smartphone is one of the most technologically advanced products in our hands. Is your hotel doing everything it can to take advantage of this?
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Don’t Forget the Baby Boomer Segment

July 10, 2015
2 people in their 50's using their phones
Once you understand the Baby Boomers and use your knowledge to market to them effectively, your hotel will benefit from this valuable generation segment.
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The Family Traveler in 2015

July 2, 2015
family sitting in an airport
Here are a few trends of family travelers that will help hoteliers better market their “WOW Factor” and make their hotel the ultimate family-friendly getaway.
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Tips for Adding Visual Content to Social Media

June 5, 2015
social media logos
Visual content has wholly transformed social media, and now just simple text won’t be enough to captivate the visitor’s attention.
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Marketing to Tourists & Travelers

May 26, 2015
couple waiting for the train
Though a few people disagree, there are some cultural differences between those who are tourists and those who are travelers. Hotels receive both of these guests, so it’s essential to know how to accommodate them.
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Few Qualities that Every Hotel Website Should Have

May 20, 2015
website search bar
Here are a few qualities that every hotel website should have for their hotel to ensure a pleasant experience for their customers and potential customers.
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The Key to Encouraging Direct Bookings

May 4, 2015
connected network of people
As online travel agencies continue to use their massive marketing budgets to dominate the Google real estate, hotels will need to use a more creative marketing strategy to encourage more direct bookings.
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How To Improve Service During Peak Demand

April 28, 2015
people waiting in line
Other than hiring more people, what can be done to help improve customer service at a hotel?
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Hootsuite Allows Users to Schedule Photos

April 21, 2015
image display on hootsuite
Recently, Hootsuite launched a new feature that will make your life even easier.
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Marketing Trends Hoteliers Should Look Out For

April 16, 2015
person walking on stage
There are several trends that hoteliers should be watching out for so that they can sell their products and services effectively.
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How To Unclutter the Hotelier’s Inbox

April 10, 2015
email @ logo
With so many things to manage, it’s not difficult to be overwhelmed, and a cluttered Inbox can quickly add to that frustration.
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Understanding Business Travelers In 2015

April 8, 2015
silhouette of person talking on phone
Business travelers are all about efficiency, so it is the hotelier’s responsibility to ensure that the guest is well-taken care of and that everything runs smoothly. To do this, a hotelier must understand their business traveler guests.
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Do You Have Charging Solutions for the Forgetful Guest?

April 3, 2015
charging phone
So what can hotels do to help guests in their time of need and improve their overall experience?
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The Benefits of a Cloud Based PMS

March 25, 2015
the cloud
Independent hotels have to wear many hats to ensure their hotels are operating properly, but this workload can often come at a cost. Some day to day operations can be time-consuming and often be put off or forgotten completely. This is where Property Management Systems come into play.
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Tools for Success: Focus On Reputation Management

March 12, 2015
people writing a review on smartphone
Let's face it: first impressions count. And when it comes to finding a hotel, review sites can have a massive impact on whether a prospective customer decides to book with you or not.
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Protect Your Guest Information

March 6, 2015
woman showing staff how to protect guest information
In today's digital world, it's becoming pervasive to see reports of cybercriminals breaking into the servers of some of the world's largest corporations to steal personal data and customer credit card information.
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Boost Revenue by Selling Time Between Reservations

February 13, 2015
roll of cash
Once the hotel’s marketing efforts are focused on driving direct bookings, it is time to get creative and take full control over their inventory.
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What About A Hybrid Front Desk?

February 6, 2015
woman checking in on Ipad
With more hotels adopting mobile and self-check-in kiosks, the front desk experience is rapidly changing. Check out the possible benefits of the hybrid front desk.
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Using Feedback Loops to Improve Reviews

January 14, 2015
feedback loop
Any hotelier can implement this simple idea and improve their guests' satisfaction and boost online reviews.
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Strategies to Attract International Travelers

December 19, 2014
international traveler on smartphone
One of the growing hospitality trends this year is the steady increase in international travel all around the world.
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The Art of Overbooking

December 17, 2014
sorry no vacancy sign
Even with enough reservations to fill a hotel, there are always last-minute cancellations or no-shows. Because of this, it’s common practice for hotels to oversell on busy nights purposefully.
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Decorating Your Hotel Marketing for the Holidays

December 5, 2014
hotel christmas present
‘Tis the season for holiday travel during one of the busiest times of the year for the hospitality industry.
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The Top Four Hotel Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

November 14, 2014
hotel marketing mistakes
Many marketing mistakes have been made by even the largest and most successful hotels, making it beneficial for hoteliers to be aware of these common fallacies to avoid them.
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Looking to Enhance Your Website?

October 10, 2014
recording with a Video Camera
This shift in trip planning is a unique opportunity for hotels to attract more direct bookings. So what kind of videos should you be hosting on your hotel's webpage?
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How Fast Is Your WiFi? Guests Need To Know!

October 2, 2014
Wifi speedometer
WiFi availability is consistently rated as a top factor in the decisions making process when booking a hotel. Most guests expect it to be free, but some are still willing to pay for higher quality service.
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Encourage Guest Reviews Boost Hotel’s Credibility

September 22, 2014
group brainstorming how to get more reviews
In the travel world, online reviews and rates are known to have a significant impact on a traveler’s decision to book a particular hotel.
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The Top Seven Hotel Blunders on Travel Reviews

September 19, 2014
happy and sad faces for reviews
Even though travel review websites are gaining popularity and significance among travelers, many hoteliers still do not leverage travel reviews to their hotel’s advantage.
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Revenue Management for Busy Hoteliers

September 18, 2014
hand showing time is money
Revenue Management is a full-time job regardless of the property size, but its complexities can be overwhelming for someone wearing as many hats as the GM.
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A Sharing Economy Strategy for Hotels

September 11, 2014
two people shaking hands
With the sharing economy idea taking off, is there a way hoteliers can incorporate it into their property?
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Overlooked Features of A Soft Remodel

September 3, 2014
Hotel room
We can’t fight aging and neither can our hotels. Carpets will get matted, and paint will begin to peel. Keeping things clean daily is a great way to prolong the life of a property, but eventually, the property will require a facelift.
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Convergence of Big Data & Personalization

August 27, 2014
big data and personalization
Here are several examples that you can use to provide a personalized experience that guests will appreciate by using Big Data analytics.
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Understanding Complexity of the Booking Journey

August 20, 2014
picture of a winding word
Hoteliers must learn to deliver content that will reflect consumer behavior, appeal to the traveler’s needs, and align with today’s technology.
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Convenience is Key w/ NFC But is it Right For You?

August 6, 2014
hotel Mobile Keys Door Phone
The cost to install and educate guests about these locks is disproportionate from their current benefits. With most technology, prices tend to drop quickly, and incorporating it into your property will be much easier.
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Creative Marketing During High Demand Periods

July 30, 2014
woman screaming into megaphone
What can the hotels farther away do to build value around the event to help entice guests to book first?
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What Makes Guests The Most Influential Marketers

July 23, 2014
influencers talking together
With more and more guests sharing their experiences on review sites, social media, and travel blogs, hotels are recognizing the user-generated content as marketing opportunities to leverage guest engagement and loyalty.
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Is Guest Diversity Good or Bad For Hotels

July 16, 2014
guest diversity in hotels
Should you be attracting as many types of guests as possible, or focus on a single segment?
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Exchange Value for Direct Repeat Bookings

July 10, 2014
guest loyalty check in at the front desk
It is known that it is less costly for hoteliers to retain a guest than it is to attract a new one. Gaining new guests can cost approximately 5 to 8 times more than keeping your current guests.
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Integrate Software to Increase Productivity

July 9, 2014
system software update
Staying tech current doesn’t stop at guest amenities. There are considerable opportunities to keep your office systems up to date, as well.
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Pricing Strategies That Are Worth Testing

June 6, 2014
person with their credit card out
It’s no secret that price is one of the most prominent factors guests consider when shopping for a room. Trying to set those prices to remain attractive and still profitable can be a challenge.
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Benefits of Empowering Your Staff

May 1, 2014
woman taking credit card for payment at hotel
Entry-level positions have a lot of things in common, regardless of the industry. Depending on the mentality of the employee, they are either jobs or careers.
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Digital Marketing Channels Worth Investing In

April 20, 2014
people discussing assisted versus direct marketing
As a hotel marketer, establishing a marketing budget can be a difficult thing to figure out. This is doubly true if you are not aware of the potential revenue each digital marketing channel can generate.
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Market Segmentation: Pros & Cons for Your Hotel

April 10, 2014
market segmentation
Market segmentation is a marketing strategy used by businesses that mostly results in the targeting of a specific group of customers.
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How To Attract Customers To Your Hotel

April 3, 2014
lit up hotel sign
There are some simple & cost-effective ways to get business. Use these 5 helpful tips when navigating the complexities of hospitality marketing.
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What Really Persuades Hotel Guests to Book Direct?

February 27, 2014
family traveling
This study reveals the top incentives or perks that hotels can offer to their guests to encourage more direct bookings. 2,500 consumers were surveyed in this study which showed the following results.
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3 Boutique Hotel Marketing Tips

January 7, 2014
boutique hotel room
What works to market a large hotel isn’t necessarily the best course of action for a small hotel. The marketing dynamics are different, but if you focus on these 3 things, you will set yourself up for success.
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Guide to Improving Online Reviews

October 9, 2013
company standing together
Once you have addressed the concerns, it’s time for you to fix the problem – that’s where the real cleaning begins.
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Customer Service Options for Small Business

September 23, 2013
customer service reps
Today’s consumers expect a great shopping experience, and they’re willing to keep searching until they find it.
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Ideas for Your Hospitality Industry Colleagues

August 23, 2013
Hospitality gift ideas
Showing your appreciation to a colleague for a job well done is a crucial part of a good business relationship.
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Increase Direct Bookings through your Website

August 13, 2013
home page of a hotel website
In today's competitive hospitality industry, hoteliers are struggling to get direct bookings with online travel agencies (OTAs) taking such a large chunk of their business.
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Best Gorilla Commercials

May 23, 2013
Guerilla Marketing: an unconventional advertising tactic used by businesses. It employs unusual and in-your-face methods to capture an audience’s attention.
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Marketing with Reddit

March 1, 2013
person liking things on their phone
What if your content marketing strategy relies more on words rather than images? No worries, there is a social network for sharing unique stories, blogs, and websites: Reddit.
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Exploring Mobile Travel Guide, Everplaces

January 30, 2013
everplaces interface
There is a travel guide that utilizes the power of mobile and combines it with the popularity of bookmarking pictures: Everplaces.
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Writing From Experience Matters For Hotels

November 9, 2012
person typing on laptop
I think it is essential for content producers or copywriters like me to get a complete and accurate picture in our heads of a property. I can explain why in one word…” details.”
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Hotels & Social Media: Agency or DIY?

May 9, 2012
do it yourself tools
Hiring an agency or marketing team to flourish your social media presence is a viable option, along with doing it yourself, but neither is without its pros and cons.
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Social Networking Online Protection Act

May 2, 2012
a lock and chains
Earlier this year, the story began circulating that some employers were asking new job candidates to hand over their Facebook logins and passwords.
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Hotels Are Getting Involved w/ Search Engine Game

January 16, 2012
handing a roomkey
Ask any hotel manger or owner and they will tell you the importance of search engines and how they impact their bottom line.
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How Hotels Can Embrace the Tablet Trend Today

January 11, 2012
woman using a tablet
Utilizing an iPad or other tablet devices in everyday practices at a hotel can be a rewarding, impressive, and fun way to interact with guests.
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Was He Truly that Brilliant or Just Overrated

October 26, 2011
monkey thinking
I have heard people put him in the same class as Walt Disney and Thomas Edison and I have to agree in the sense that in he has made the same type of impact and changed our lives in a very dramatic way.
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Digital Concierge Service Is Going Mainstream

July 6, 2011
keys at the front desk reception
A digital concierge service can be used in conjunction with physical staff and can help improve customer satisfaction and can lighten your daily workload.
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Hospitality Acrostic Poem

September 20, 2010
front desk at a hotel
This is an acrostic poem about the hospitality industry and how the Internet is revolutionizing the way guests share reviews and experiences.
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