2020 Webpage Design Trends

December 29, 2019
latest webpage design trends
If you're looking to update your webpage, check out these latest trends and incorporate them on your company's website for 2020.

Design in Hotel Websites

July 10, 2019
web design
‍It’s no secret that when you stay in a five-star resort or even just a budget motel, someone had to have spent a lot of time and money on how it looks.

Digital Remodeling Checklist

July 18, 2018
under construction
Many hotels are remodeled every few years to stay up-to-date and in-tune with the latest styles and technologies. Your website should be the same.

Give Hotel Guests What They Want

November 21, 2013
two people hugging their laptops
Here are some effective ways in which to entice an online visitor to book with your hotel. Make that first impression count, and start generating more bookings.

Web Usability Mistakes To Avoid

August 1, 2013
a woman taking notes at her computer
Usability is an essential element of web design. A site with good usability is simply one which is easy to use. See what mistakes you should avoid.

Marketing Your WebDesign Business

June 3, 2013
website marketing image for web design company
The following are some guidelines which will help you market your web design business online, thus increasing your chances of success.

A Hotel’s Mobile Website

August 10, 2012
e-marker mobile site stats
Since mobile is undoubtedly here to stay, hoteliers are investing more than ever before into their mobile sites. What are they doing?
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