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Pinterest Blog analytics
Arielle Reyes
Arielle Reyes
September 17, 2014

Pinterest has updated their Analytics dashboard to include more useful information for marketers. Previously, Pinterest Analytics provided very little insight about how other users were interacting with your pins so it was hard to get a sense about which types of boards and pins were receiving a lot of impressions and clicks. Here is a basic overview of the information marketers are now able to see in Pinterest Analytics:

Pinterest Blog analytics

Tracking your Boards and Pins

Pinterest Analytics has made it easy for you to track which of your pins and boards are most appealing to users. First you are shown the average number of daily impressions and average number of daily viewers. You are also able to see which pins and boards received the most impressions, repins, and clicks in the last 30 days by exploring the tabs at the top. If you want to see how well pins performed during a different date range, simply change the dates on the top left. Finally, if you are curious about all pins as a whole, click on the ‘All-Time’ tab to see the most repinned, highest ranked in search, and pins with a high mix of repins and clicks.

Your Audience

Marketers can get a better sense about how well their page performed each month by looking at the average number of monthly viewers and the average number of people that were engaged that month. This section also gives you some insights about the people who see and act on your pins. The analytics give you some demographic information about your audience including the country, metro area, language, and gender of the users. Your are also able to see the top interests your audience follows, other users’ boards that contain your pins, and other businesses your audience engages with. If you are only interested in learning information about your followers instead of the users who see your pins as a whole, you can click the middle button on the top right and change ‘All audiences’ to ‘Your followers.’

Activity From your Website

There are 2 ways to create a new pin on Pinterest: 1. By uploading a photo and 2. By using the Pin It button and pinning a photo or video directly from a website. This section focuses on content you have pinned directly from your website. You are now able to see how well pins from your own website are performing, including the average number of daily impressions and the average number of daily viewers. This will give you a better idea about what types of photos and content on your website are popular with Pinterest users and which ones have been shared the most. In addition, you can see which of your pins rank higher in search and which pins have a high mix of both repins and clicks.

What Does This Mean for your Hotel?

Hotel marketers can get a better sense of what type of content works best on Pinterest by analyzing pins the hotel has repinned and pins that have been uploaded or pinned from the hotel’s website. For example, blogs make great content to pin. If you notice certain topics you have repinned are very popular, you can use these ideas as blog topics in the future to drive traffic your own website. If you are already posting your hotel’s blogs on Pinterest, you can use analytics to see which blogs are most popular with Pinterest users. If you notice certain pins or repins are not receiving many clicks or engagement, you will know not to pin much about these topics in the future. Lastly, you are about to track how popular all pins from your website are, including photos, specials, and other pages.

Remember, Pinterest is a great tool for travelers who are looking to plan their next trip. Provide useful information both about the area and about your hotel on your boards to attract new users, grow awareness for your hotel, and drive traffic to your website.

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