7 Internet Marketing Strategies

October 29, 2018
marketing strategy
It’s by no means easy, but when you align some critical internet marketing techniques together you can accomplish new records for your hotel’s website.
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2018's Important SEO Updates for Hotels

August 3, 2018
Close-up of a person's hands on the keyboard of a MacBook
Wake up Hoteliers! Remember to update your SEO techniques. If you are not on the ball, you might miss it.
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Tips To Market Your Boutique Hotel

July 23, 2018
living room with trinkets and nice furniture
With social media being a necessity in mainstream and pop culture, marketing yourself is in the palm of your hands.
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Things To Keep In Mind When Crafting Your Hotel SEO Strategy

March 26, 2018
Keep in mind that your strategy won’t just spring up out of the blue. You really have to sit down and think it through. It might not be a success, but as long as you have a plan there is a greater chance the your hotel will do well
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Why isn't my SEO working?

December 12, 2017
seo desk area
Why isn't my SEO working? This is a question that I get all the time. I usually have my answer to this question once I follow this simple process.
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3 Tactics To Improve SEO Rankings That Still Matter in 2017

November 28, 2017
magnifying glass
SEO, is a digital marketing discipline that improves the position of your site in search. There is something so vaguely simple about that, but it holds true.
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Facebook No Longer Allows You to Edit Images in Posts

September 18, 2017
puppy smiling
Here's why you can't edit your Facebook link post's photo, title, or description.
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Optimizing Your Hotel Website For Voice Search

August 4, 2017
google voice search image
The rise of voice search is evident. More people are speaking to virtual assistants. How can you optimize for voice search in this new era of SEO?
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Creating Google My Business Posts

July 10, 2017
Creating Google My Business Posts
Here's everything you need to know about Google My Business Posts and how to create them.
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Beginners Resources for SEO

June 19, 2017
search engine optimization
SEO is the foundation of a successful online presence. You must make it easy for people to find you. I've compiled this list to get you started today.
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Get More From Hotel SEO By Doing These Two Things

June 14, 2017
Having a proper SEO foundation can yield better results. 2 things could make a difference. Find out what they are & how to fix them in this article.
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4 Easy Steps To Integrate SEO Strategy With Your Hotel’s New Blog

June 6, 2017
cup of coffee and book of notes
The best thing a hotel can do is run a blog. The content that you post on your blog can help your search engine optimization efforts in many ways.
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Track Rivals & Protect Your Brand w/ Google Alerts

May 19, 2017
kid using magnifying glass to look at floor
Get the most out of the free tools that Google has to offer by using Google Alert for your hotel.
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Search Engine Optimization for Hotels : Is It Even Worth It?

May 8, 2017
clicking on SEO image
You know that SEO for hotels is important. You need more people in your hotel to fill those empty rooms! I'll show you why SEO might be the answer.
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Hospitality Digital Marketing - Keep Bofu, Mofu, & Tofu In Mind

April 24, 2017
person taking a panoramic picture on their phone
Bofu? Mofu? Tofu? What on earth is that? I would like to introduce you to these acronyms so that they can help you with your marketing campaigns.
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7 Free Hotel Marketing Tools To Make SEO Marketing Easier

April 6, 2017
google trends graph
What if I told you that there were hotel marketing tools out there, that could save you hours of marketing your hotel for the price of F-R-E-E, free!.
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Using the AIDA Model in Your SEO Strategy

January 23, 2017
computer monitor
SEO is a process. Many bases need to be covered to be successful. Using this tried-and-true marketing principle can help facilitate this process.
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7 Reasons You Should Consider Voice Search

June 1, 2016
voice search microphone
There is a new mobile-first mindset for many consumers. Studies have shown us that users turn to their mobile phone, and...
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1 Quick & Effective Way to Improve Your SEO

April 5, 2016
person holding up SEO sign
Staying up-to-date with SEO is tough. The moment you have mastered a certain technique, Google comes in changes everything. How can you stay ahead?
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3 Powerful Ways Hoteliers Can Influence the Booking Decision

June 24, 2015
shopping cart on top of a laptop
Here are 3 powerful ways you can capture an interaction, drive engagement and create opportunity to follow-up with a consumer during the booking process.
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A New Perspective on OTAs & Metasearch Engines

December 12, 2013
meta search keyboard
Today, travelers are much savvier when it comes to finding the best airline and hotel deals online. As the online...
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What Hoteliers Need to Know about SEO

September 27, 2013
search engine optimization magnifying glass
There are endless debates over online marketing techniques. Among those debates, SEO effectiveness is continuously questioned by busy hoteliers.
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How the Evolution of Google Products will Impact Hotel Search

August 25, 2013
search engine results page heat map
Let’s review these major changes & discuss how hotels can utilize these features to maximize visibility, increase traffic & boost conversions.
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The Power of Pinning: Value of Pinterest on Your SEO Efforts

May 21, 2012
With the growing influence social media has on SEO, it is crucial to take advantage of one of the most engaged social media outlets in Pinterest.
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The Importance of Guest Blogging for Your Hotel

April 11, 2012
guest blogging
Once you have established a blog for your hotel, there is another step that you must take, to take it to the next level. Traffic is at stake here!
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