Tips to Increase Sales Affordably

December 21, 2019
tips to increase sales affordably
Utilize these tips in your sales business plan to Increase your profit and sales without spending too much time, money, and effort.
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Hotel Top Five Reasons your Direct Bookings are Low

July 31, 2015
hotel manager on the phone
Hoteliers work to find ways to increase bookings. In today's digital era, the online website is a hotelier's most potent tool to attract more guests to the property.
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How to Utilize Your Hotel’s Website For Sales

July 29, 2015
clicking on hotel text
Here are a few helpful tips that will improve your website’s conversions and ultimately generate direct bookings for your hotel.
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Encouraging Guest Phone Reservations

December 10, 2014
orange corded telephone
Hoteliers operating smaller properties often don’t have the support they need to spend time developing a proper promotional strategy.
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The Values of Discounting

December 3, 2014
sale tags
A study by The University of Minnesota took a look at how shoppers perceive discounts and value-added items when shopping.
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Using Call Tracking to Drive Mobile Bookings

June 16, 2014
person making a reservation
It’s easy to become accustomed to answering phone calls from the front desk, but is there a way for hoteliers to capitalize on the monotony of the voice channel to bring in more ROI for their hotel?
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