How to Get Prospects to Call Back

October 2, 2021
Getting Prospects to Call You Back - Businessman on the Phone
The phone is still one of the most effective ways to acquire and convert leads. So, not sure how to get prospects to call you back? Here are the top 5 ways.

Identifying New Sales Channels

August 17, 2021
Discover New Sales Channels - Shopping cart next to a laptop
If you want to increase sales you need a plan. Our comprehensive guide on Identifying New Sales Channels will get you started with creative ways to boost sales.

Sales Order Taker vs Trusted Advisor

August 2, 2021
Sales Order Taker vs Trusted Advisor - Handshake
In sales the difference between closing deals or not come down to how your prospects or customers perceive you. Sales order taker vs trusted advisor, which are you?

Solution Selling vs Product Selling

May 17, 2021
Hand shaking - Solution vs Product. Which one to sell?
If you're not sure what the differences between solution selling vs product selling are, the first thing you should evaluate is the pros and cons of each.

Improve Your Remote Selling Skills

April 20, 2021
Man with a headset doing sales remotely - Improving Your Remote Selling Skills
If you want to close more deals you need to improve your remote selling skills. Our guide is packed with tips that will help you win more and grow your business

Tips for Presenting Remotely

April 5, 2021
Woman giving a presentation in front of a laptop - Tips for Giving Remote Presentations
Are you trying to close deals with online presentations but it's not working? These tips for presenting remotely will help you close more business virtually.

How to Train an Outside Salesperson

March 28, 2021
Happy Sales person giving the thumbs up - Training an Outside Salesperson
If you're a small business owner and don't know how to train and motivate an outside salesperson, this article is packed with ideas on how to do both!

How to Hire an Outside Sales Rep

March 2, 2021
Outside Salesperson with a clipboard talking to a possible client - Hiring an Outside Sales Rep
One of the most challenging situations for small business owners is knowing how to hire an outside sales rep. This guide will get you started.

How to Build a Strong Sales Pipeline

February 5, 2021
Building a Sales Pipeline - Hands with sales graphics and an overlay image of pipelines
Boosting revenue is a real challenge for many small businesses. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is by building a strong sales pipeline.

Handling Objections in Sales

April 18, 2020
Woman objecting - Handling Objections in Sales
If you have trouble handling objections in sales you’re not alone. Most salespeople are not very good at handling them, and it is killing their close rate.

Top Software to Increase Your Sales

March 27, 2020
Screen with Marketing Software
Have you looked at the latest software to increase sales? These are not the same CRMs & sales tools of old. Find out how to get more business with these tools,

Sales Tips to Close More Business

March 1, 2020
Are you looking for more sales tips to close business?
If you’re not hitting your sales numbers and you’re tired of trying schemes that don’t work, try these sales tips to close business and make more money.

Tips to Increase Sales Affordably

December 21, 2019
tips to increase sales affordably
Utilize these tips in your sales business plan to Increase your profit and sales without spending too much time, money, and effort.

Most Impact on Your Hotel’s ROI

September 8, 2016
social media apps on phone
By learning the benefits each channel has for your overall marketing strategy, the better leverage you will have in promoting your hotel’s story.

5 Reasons Direct Bookings are Low

July 31, 2015
hotel manager on the phone
Hoteliers work to find ways to increase bookings. In today's digital era, the online website is a hotelier's most potent tool to attract more guests.

Utilize Your Website For Sales

July 29, 2015
clicking on hotel text
Here are a few helpful tips that will improve your website’s conversions and ultimately generate direct bookings for your hotel.

Encouraging Guest Phone Reservations

December 10, 2014
orange corded telephone
Hoteliers operating smaller properties don’t have the support they need to spend time developing a proper promotional strategy.

The Values of Discounting

December 3, 2014
sale tags
A study by The University of Minnesota took a look at how shoppers perceive discounts and value-added items when shopping. The study found that shoppers

Call Tracking to Drive Bookings

June 16, 2014
person making a reservation
It’s easy to become accustomed to answering phone calls from the front desk, but is there a way for hotels to capitalize on the monotony of the voice channel?
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