EMA works primarily with independent hotels, restaurants, and bars. One of our founding beliefs is that small businesses should have access to software and services that large organizations have, at an afford price that works within their budget.

Our three phase marketing approach and process starts with the basics. As the business grows we will recommend implementation of phase two, and so on. This approach allows small businesses to see ROI first before committing their hard-earned money. When the marketing program produces the agreed upon ROI, the final phase is implemented.

Once the optimal ROI has been achieved and the program is producing predictable results, the business owner can choose whether they are ready to take on more business. If so, all they have to do is increase the marketing budget. Throughout the process the customer is always in control.

Independent Hotels

We love working with independent hotels because we can prove ROI to the business owner. Our focus from the inception was to build innovative digital products for independent hotels, and to this day we are still committed.

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Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants and bars have unique needs, and we have the digital solutions to deliver results for just about any situation. Our products and services include software for Reputation Management, Social Marketing, Business Listing Builder, plus custom designed websites, SEO, paid search and much more.

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