Why Millennial Travelers are Important

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Nigel Rodgers
Nigel Rodgers
April 29, 2015
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For the past few years, the millennial consumer has been carefully examined. The Millennials are the most connected, trendy, and largest generation. Because a lot of the members of this generation are still young and inexperienced, they are sometimes overlooked by hoteliers. But due to advancements in technology and their social network culture, many hotels are changing their marketing strategies to cater to the needs of Millennial travelers. Don’t underestimate this generation: besides the fact that the millennial population is 80 million strong, there are a few other reasons why marketing to Millennial travelers will be advantageous for your hotel.  

Travel site Hotwire.com has already declared 2015 the ‘Year of the Millennial Traveler.’ Since this generation was born between 1980 and 1999, plenty of individuals have already finished school, started a career, and have a lot of time to travel. According to a survey taken by Next Big Thing, Millennials are expected to spend over $226 billion on travel in 2015. The Millennials will surpass the Baby Boomers in travel this year as well. In the same survey, 35% of people 18-35 stated that they would be taking a large vacation this year which is 10% more than those ages 45-54. With so much money and time available, Millennials will be cruising the web every day planning their next vacation, so it’s important to know how to market to Millennials and get them into your hotel.

Millennials will also be taking over the business travel industry. Millennial business travelers already surpass older professionals in average business trips per year. Also, they are more likely to extend business trips into a leisure trip. According to an infographic from HotelRez.com, 62% of Millennials say they extend their stay when on business while only 44% of non-Millennials say they do.

One of the biggest advantages of getting Millennials into your hotel is free marketing. By 2018, it is expected that 99.7 percent of Millennials will own a smartphone. While in your hotel, a Millennial traveler may post interesting pictures of your property on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. They may also use sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp to leave reviews about their stay. All of this information is being posted to the web and seen by millions of people; so if it’s favorable information, your hotel just got itself some free advertising.

Millennials are powerful, influential, adventurous spenders who are looking for a good time no matter what they are doing. Hotels are trying to keep up with this generation by grasping their attention with fresh ideas, extensive social media campaigns, loyalty programs, and promotions. Some major hotel companies have even created small hotel chains geared directly toward Millennials. Having a strong social media presence and an easy-to-use mobile site is the first step in getting the Millennials’ attention. 2015 is an excellent time to cash in on these trendy travelers and keep your hotel rooms full.

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