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Alex Corral
Alex Corral
August 6, 2018

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If your hotel uses TripAdvisor, should you follow Expedia and Booking.com, or should you keep investing your advertising dollars on the TripAdvisor platform. Stephen Kaufer said that his company is looking at a nice trajectory in 2019. That sounds good for TripAdvisor’s bottom line, but how will it play out for your hotel.

Every good website needs content. The better the content, the more you can build you brand and get loyal visitors. It is easier said than done. Find out why the process matters most in her article by Rachel Lindteigen on Marketing Land.

If you are in the restaurant business, then you know that the Summer months, usually means more people. Rising temperatures might make your customers a little more open to spending money. Find out where you should invest your marketing dollars during these crucial months.

TripAdvisor Sees Decline in Hotel Shoppers After Travel Industry Advertising Reset

TripAdvisor saw its growth soften in the three months ending June 30. The main cause was that the industry’s two largest online advertisers — Expedia Group and Booking Holdings — have in the past year reduced the pace at which they market their deals on TripAdvisor’s platform along with some other outlets.

In the second quarter of 2018, TripAdvisor booked revenue of $433 million, a growth of only 2 percent.

The revenue growth rate looked anemic compared to the 8.4 percent growth rate that the company enjoyed in the same period a year ago. It also looks sluggish against the 5.1 percent growth rate for the company in the full year of 2017.

3 tips for overcoming content production obstacles

It all sounds great, but, the reality is that it’s hard to keep up with content production, distribution and everything else on your to-do list.

Most companies decide they want to focus on content marketing because they see the opportunity to grow their SEO footprint, drive more traffic to their websites and eventually generate more business. A solid content marketing program can deliver great rewards

We’re all aware of that. So, why aren’t we doing it? The number one challenge I see most companies face is related to content production.

Summer is Time to Heat Up Restaurant Marketing

These days, customers are using their mobile phones to look for places to eat, searching for “restaurants near me.” And when they search, you want to make sure they find your restaurant (and not your competition).

Here are three key ways restaurants can make sure they are found by people looking for the perfect summer dining experience.

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