Ways to Convey Your Hotel’s Story

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Sandra Martinez
Sandra Martinez
April 2, 2014
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The reality of it is, your brand is being talked about, good or bad. Everyone clicks around to find out more about the hotels they are interested in staying at.   During the research phase, visitors are likely to read reviews to get a feel of what the hotel is like from an actual guest’s perspective.  Furthermore, visitors are more inclined to check out other options and amenities that are being offered at the same price point.

With all the competition that’s out there, how does your hotel stand out? What is your hotel’s story?  Is your hotel’s story consistent on your social media channels?  One effective way to get visitors to notice your hotel is by providing catchy phrases and mottos in your marketing plan.  These mottos seem to resonate more with consumers.  Here are two examples,   Motel 6, uses the phrase “We’ll leave the lights on!” while  Sav-On, uses ” People who Care!”

“93% of online research starts with a search engine, and 68% of consumers check out companies on social networking sites before buying.” (Brandpoint)

Questions to ask yourself. In order to get started, you must figure out if you have a strong presence.  Who is talking about me?

  • Is your story and message clear?
  • Is it promoting the right emotion?
  • Does your picture convey the right kind of impression?
  • Are you consistent with your message on Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube?

Social media is now the vehicle that gets the brand to the people. Your guests can comment on the total experience they had staying at your hotel.  People share these experiences and post on their social media pages and have a chance to grow your “attraction platform”.  Take advantage of the fact that you have the power to influence followers and their friends with just one click.This media does not require you to knock on people’s door or spend a tremendous amount of money on mailers or print.  Take advantage of your savings and get professional written content and pictures.  What you spend is what you get.  Is your content written by a professional who has firsthand experience at your hotel?  Are your pictures enticing enough to get people to stay at your property?

Social media enables you to respond directly to any positive or negative post immediately and listen to the consumer on a more individual basis  in real time.  Many business post responses to these and gain followers because of this.  One such example is Subway, it was discovered that one of the ingredients they use in their sandwiches was toxic, and Subway immediately got on all the media outlets and stated they would not use that ingredient anymore until they found a safer alternative.  They are still doing well and gained patrons that would not normally go into their business.

With pages emerging with pictures, like Pinterest and Instagram, it pays to have high quality and professional hotel photography.  These photo-centric channels enable you to have direct interaction with your guest while increasing the likelihood they will book with you instead of through an OTA.  Is your product or location held in the best regard? Is your picture so good, that they are shareable with other channels?  The key to sharing is happiness.  No joke, people share what makes them happy. The main thing is, whenever you post up a photo, it should in  some way provoke some sort of emotion.  Do the pictures that you are reposting evoke this?  Remember the simple adage, you are what you brand.

Photo courtesy of thedrum.com

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