Video Sharing Tool Viddy Raises the Bar in Home Video

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Golda Criddle
Golda Criddle
May 25, 2012
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With the popularity of photo-sharing mobile tool Instagram, it was only natural that a similar tool for video would follow. The latest video editing sharing application is Viddy, which has just recently surpassed 26 million users in May 2012.

 Viddy operates quite similarly to Instagram, except for video. Viddy allows users to touch up and share videos of daily life in seconds. You can capture up to 15 seconds of footage; then add filters, transitions, or music to make it cinematic. These effects are called “production packages,” and you can choose how much your clip is treated by using a slide bar. After simple editing, you can add a title, location and tags.  Then you can push it out to your preferred social networks right from your phone.

The application’s instantaneous nature makes it seem appealing on first glance. Anyone who has done any sort of video production knows that the process can be quite daunting as it takes a lot of time and expertise to create a quality video. Viddy whittles everything into three easy steps: capture, edit and share.  Yes, it is that easy to make your own polished home video.

In addition to its production capabilities, Viddy has a growing YouTube-like network within itself: you can comment and like videos, and even see which videos and trending and popular. The current success of Viddy is nothing to scoff at: it hit 500,000 downloads only 6 weeks after its initial launch in April 2011 and now boasts over 26 million users.

Despite these facts, I think it is doubtful that Viddy will take much traffic from video giants like YouTube, television or movies. Since Viddy’s clips are limited to 15 seconds, the two serve completely different audiences with different expectations. Viddy is likely to be used by those who like quick, videos; snapshots of daily life. YouTube is a better platform for entertainment, as it can be difficult to create captivating content in such a short timeframe. And of course, television and movies are the more elaborate productions in which we can project our fantasies. But I think Viddy  has great potential for beautifying and sharing behind-the-scenes footage that shows the truth how the magic of entertainment really happens.

If you’re curious to see some Viddy clips, click here or try that app out yourself! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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