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Golda Criddle
Golda Criddle
February 10, 2012
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A recommendation from a friend is more trusted than one from a stranger. It is common knowledge because it just makes sense. This is a concept a new social media marketing platform for hotels, restaurants and airlines is capitalizing on through the vehicle of social media. The platform is called Flip.to, and its goal is to help hotels turn their guests into brand evangelists by providing incentives for spreading the word.

Flip.to works by allowing guests to reach out to their friends in a way that feels natural while using social networks along with a hotel’s booking engine. When a guest books a room with a hotel using Flip.to, they can share their trip with their friends without even leaving the hotel website. When this guest’s friend clicks on the link, they will land on a personalized version of the hotel’s website that includes reviews from their friends about the hotel and local area. Hotels will have the ability to control all messages to guests, including advertising incentives for sharing trips. Flip.to will also email vouchers to guests who have reached their goal with a QR code that makes the redemption process simple. Hotels will also have access to their own analytics so they know who is talking about them and how much traffic they are receiving.

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With Flip.to, hotels finally have an effective way to engage with their guests and measure their ROI. According to PRnewswire.com, nearly one in four guests has used Flip.to to share with all their connections their trip details and what hotel they are staying at. In addition, for every 100 posts shared through Flip.to, hotels have seen 300 to 1000 unique visitors coming to their site, with 10 to 20 booked rooms. That means an ROI of 5 to 10X.

More than 100 hotels are currently using Flip.to fuel new bookings including L’Auberge Carmel in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. They were also the first to integrate the marketing tool with hotel channel management system RezExchange so that their clients no longer have to re-code their backend software. This also means that guests of L’Auberge Carmel automatically have their perks credited without the use of vouchers.

Flip.to differs from social travel sites like Gogobot, Gtrot and Kukunu in that it empowers the hotel directly, and has built-in incentives for positive messages. The use of a personalized landing page through a guest’s link is also effective in selling a hotel with real words and faces of people they trust. Flip.to’s platform is also currently available for airlines and restaurants. With a platform that makes sharing and rewarding feel authentic and natural, Flip.to has great potential to revolutionize the way hotels use market online through social networks.

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