Top 6 Video Editing Products of 2015 (Free & Paid)

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Nigel Rodgers
Nigel Rodgers
October 3, 2015
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By now hoteliers should understand the importance of using video content to marketing their property. Compelling video can influence more engagement online and bring more travelers to your website. In previous blogs, I’ve mentioned methods that professional videographers use to ensure that their videos come out looking as great as possible. Once you have a story and beautifully filmed footage, the next step is the editing process. Editing a video is more than just placing clips in a timeline. Editing can make or break your video no matter how beautiful your shots are. The editing process allows hoteliers to tell their story in a unique way and is the place where style preference and the tone of your video are created. Though most hoteliers aren’t professional editors, there are a few powerful, easy-to-use products available that will allow you to edit your hotel marketing videos like a pro. Listed below are the top 6 video editing products of 2015 for any budget.

For Windows Only

Sony Movie Studio 13 ($49.95)

Whether you filmed shots of your hotel halls on a smartphone or went to a local festival and filmed with an DSLR Camera, Sony Movie Studio offers a streamlined interface that allows for quick, professional-level editing. With Sony Movie Studio you can easily adjust colors and resolution, create slideshows, mix audio and add music to your projects. Since this product is compatible with more current versions of the Windows operating system, hoteliers with touch-screen devices can edit their movies with the tap of a finger.

Windows Movie Maker (Free)

This simple editing software comes standard with most Windows computers and laptops. It is one of the easier-to-use video editing software products and can be operated by anyone from a novice to a professional. You can add and edit slideshows, video clips, and audio with a click, drag, and drop. You can also choose themes to create a sense of style and easily export your creations directly to Vimeo, YouTube, and other similar sites.

For Mac Only

Apple Final Cut Pro X ($299)

Final Cut Pro X is one of the more professional video editing products on the market and is extremely powerful. The first major Hollywood film to use this software was Focus (2015) starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie. This software is great for those who know a little more about video editing and want to take their content to the next level. With everything for audio engineering tools to color correction and motion effects, FCPX offers everything you need to create a stand-out quality video for your hotel. Final Cut Pro X also offers 3D text and video editing options for more unique and flashy videos.

iMovie (Free)

Like Movie Maker for Windows, iMovie is the software that comes standard with all Apple Computer products. Contrary to FCPX, iMovie allows for making advanced videos without the complicated interface. You can start with a theme, create trailers, drag and drop audio and pictures, and much more to create compelling content for your hotel. You can also save all of your movies in the iMovie Theater to organize and rewatch all of your creations.

For Windows and Mac

Adobe Premiere Elements 14 ($79.99)

Adobe Premiere Elements is also a professional-level editing product, but it functions in three different difficulty levels to accommodate the experience of the user. Premiere Elements also features an interface that allows nonprofessional users to complete difficult tasks like color corrections and effects, transitions, and sound mixing with ease. They also provide simple organization tools and the ability to upload completed videos directly to YouTube and other video sites.

Lightworks: (Basic: Free, Monthly: $24.99/month, Annually: $174.99/year, Unlimited: $437.99)

Sold as “the professional editor for everyone,” Lightworks is one of the better free editing software products on the market. Available for all platforms, Lightworks allows you to do everything like audio mixing, color editing, multi-camera editing, and text effects for no charge. When you purchase the subscription versions or the fully-licensed version, you’ll receive more interface features and the ability to export your projects in a multitude of formats including Blu-Ray, H.264, and HD YouTube.

Once you decide which of these products is perfect for you, load all of your hotel video footage onto your computer and begin editing your engaging videos.

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