Three Start-Ups that Use Technology For Social Good

Golda Criddle
Golda Criddle
June 8, 2012
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A new trend is immerging with the popularity of social media and the web. It’s called social media for social good. Entrepreneurs are giving the community opportunities to give back in creative ways that go along with their passions. According to Blackbaud, a leading provider of software, services and research for nonprofits, there has been a 10.6% increase in online giving as of Fall 2011. It has never been easier to give. Below are three excellent start-ups that came up with creative ways to allow users to give back.


Do you love to travel? Why don’t you make good use of your trip by delivering goods to a stranger? mmMule changes the world in small waves through the barter system.  Locals post requests on mmMule and offer rewards in the form of native experiences, such as a neighborhood tour, free lodging or a night out. Travelers respond to these requests and receive a tour guide of sorts. mmMule also has a special section of its site called AngelMule, which is dedicated to delivering goods to non-profits and charities worldwide.


It’s no secret that photo-sharing is in—Facebook paid $1 billion in cash to buy the most popular app, Instagram. With PictureHealing, users can use your obsession for a good cause. Users can take pictures, apply filters , print and share them across multiple social networks simultaneously. Every time a user takes and shares pictures, points are earned for up to three of their favorite charities. The points will be turned into donations based on 50% of the profits of PictureHealing. Take that, Instagram.


We all own lots of stuff – some of it we don’t want or use anymore. What if you could turn that stuff into what people really need, like medical kits, school supplies…or even a goat? KarmaGoat makes this wish reality by acting as a Craigslist for charities. A seller lists an item, sets a price and picks a cause important to them. A buyer picks up the item as normal, but pays the price to KarmaGoat, who forwards 85% of the profits to the seller’s cause. Payment is made through passwords to ensure that KarmaGoat receives the profits to give to charities. With this, KarmaGoat takes the “shady” factor out of Craigslist and uses transactions for good.

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