The Rumors Are True; Social Media and SEO Are Now An Item.

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Rebekka Asher
Rebekka Asher
August 5, 2016
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While everyone can agree that social media is important when it comes to your hotel’s marketing strategy, not everyone knows it’s also important for improving your hotel’s search engine optimization. Social media and SEO go together like peanut butter and jelly. While one is good by itself, together they create the right balance of salty and sweet that your hotel’s taste buds are craving.

Contrary to popular belief, Google won’t take your hotel’s social media profiles directly into account when ranking your site, but it will look to it for certain social signals which will help Google decide how to rank your hotel’s website.

The first misconception when it comes to your hotel’s social media profiles are that you need to have large amounts of followers in order for Google to notice you. While increasing followers are a key part of improving your hotel’s search engine ranking, you need to understand that Google is intelligent enough to know the difference between real user engagement and fake followers. Growing a large following on social media is a slow, time consuming process. The important part to remember is that quality over quantity is what really matters. Search engines care about the content that goes up on your hotel’s social media channels, not how many inactive followers you have.

Social media and SEO go together, well because social media is a type of search engine. Many hotel owners forget about that. Creating content that people can look up within a social media platform is a great way to increase the number of external links leading to your hotel’s website, which we know Google ranks sites for. For example, people go on Facebook to find information and reviews about a certain brand. When they find content they like, they share it, which will increase the number of inbound links your content receives. When it comes to having your content shared on social media, you need to be very active about it. Just posting something doesn’t mean your audience will share it. It’s ok to ask people to share your posts. Also actively engaging with your followers is a great way to spark up interest in your hotel’s social media content.

Social media can be very helpful when it comes to your local SEO since it will help your hotel become more established in the community. The best way to go about improving your hotel’s local SEO is by promoting any marketing content on your hotel’s social media platforms. Try to include information about your hotel and its geographical location on each of your posts. This will increase your visibility on local SERPs. Try to encourage your followers to leave reviews, comments or questions on your social media posts. You can also run specials over social media such as “like our Facebook page and receive 10% off your restaurant bill.”

While social media isn’t the only thing Google takes into account when ranking your hotel’s website, it is very important. At least for the time being it looks like social media and SEO are an item.

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